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Alright guys, welcome back to my channel. this is me swetha. Do I look like I just woke up? I actually just woke up Usually I make videos at night. This time I wanted to make during day bcoz I wanted the room to be lit That means Im not gonna do a makeup tutorial today. Im doing a fashion haul for you guys That is, if youve heard of There is a brand called Shein SHEIN. One of my favorite brands And its very very affordable And youll get really fashionable products too If I talk about this site this is not a sponsored video by the way Im doing it coz I have a lotta clothes from shein Iv been purchasing from shein for ages now But Il show you some recent purchases Im anyway buying so I thought might as well make a video out of it You have to read the reviews properly before buying Make sure the size you select is correct They have a size chart and everything There will be full details of a product when you order Refer the size chart and buy the correct size Then it wont go wrong. Even if it doesnt fit you , you can always return the product There are lot of good things about shein like these So now im gonna show you some leggings I bought Im a sucker for tights . I love leggings bcoz its very comfortable I dont like jeans that much Its very hot for our climate So I usually go for leggings So il show you what Im wearing right now This is a legging that I bought from Shein This one is so so comfortable Its very stretchy Its not that tight You wont feel uncomfortable at all I have a couple of tights from there Il just show you the different designs This has a leather lining on the sides It has a zip here Which is very fashionable So this is like this Its completely black like this This tights will go with any color top So its always good to have a basic bottom like this So the next one I have is This is a bit formal Grey with checks It will go with shirts Or will go with plain color tops T-shirts or anything This will give a formal look This is similar to the first one, but white This is also very stretchable Its band width is very small See only this much So it wont cut into your belly Its very comfortable Its not like normal leggings its a bit thick so its not see through It wont show your body shape so much And the design helps. Plain leggings will show the body shape well These kinda designs will help to hide the shape Likewise I have another leggings Thats also checks in off white This is also a lil formal it had a zip here This is an off white leggings with checks on it Now I have a faux leather tights If you are going for a party you can wear it under a glittery top This will look good with that It will look very fashionable Not short top, a lil long top It will be better as Its very thin and will show off your body shape So for this a lil longer top would be better Whatever youre comfortable with Wear whatever you like Dont ever listen to others opinion This is another pants I have its a flowery pretty bottom Its like parallels Its a straight cut. Il wear it and show you You can whatever you want with this All the products mentioned will be listed down below with links Will write in the description box If I talk about everything this video will be long This is a black plain top I love this neckline Its a bit deep If you dont like deep necks you wouldnt like this But its very stylish Il show it Il attach the picture of me wearing it So this is the neck line of this top Its a bit deep I love it Its full sleeves It will go with any pants that I showed Either you can pull it up and wear it like this Or you can wear it as full sleeves I have a similar colorful top This one is a flowery top It looks the same once I wear it You can either wear the black leggings I showed Or you can wear a skirt under this You can style it however you like Basically wear something plain below this Dont wear anything with design Then only it will be matching The material is very soft and comfortable The neck is deep for this too Whatever I do I end up buying black itself I love black So whenever I go shopping my friends keep saying il end up with black Again have a black spaghetti top This is a safe top Basically it will go with anything If you have some basic clothes like this You can mix and match and make a lotta outfits This one is also very affordable I think less than 500rs Then I have this skirt Again black. This is a wrap around skirt Its like this You can open it And you have to wrap it around like this and tie it like this You can just leave it like this. A lil bit of legs will be shown Then I have some party clothes I love the packaging of it too This is a party wear I bought for my birthday Last July was my birthday I bought it for that So its like this. All glittery Its a bit difficult to show It comes like this in thee front Like this Got it? It comes like this and Its a dress like this Il attach a pic This one is also not that expensive And the quality is really good Not bad quality at all So this is a crop top i bought recently I obsessed with faux leather btw This is a crop top Its like this But I cant really wear it as a crop top here in Kerala for sure Possible outside maybe I bought it to wear it as a saree blouse Not like traditional saree ok If you are going for an evening function like reception or something For stylish saree attire Can be used as a blouse for saree This was also very affordable Less than 500rs. and its very comfortable Basically crop tops can be used as saree blouses That is a thing that I found out recently Bcoz crop tops are just like saree blouses and its much more confy Saree blouses however we stitch might not be perfect Its a bit difficult Im not talking about traditional saree. A lil stylish saree can be worn with crop tops This can be good So thats about it Im just showing this much today. Its already a long video I hope you guys liked it If you want more fashion haul videos let me know Basically when I buy clothes if you guys wanna see them It will be helpful for you guys to get an idea, comment down below Youll get an idea where to buy what to buy If you have any doubt do ask me in the comments section So I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a big thumps up And subscribe to my channel if youre new here Do send this video to your friends If there are any malayalis show them my channel Il see you guys next Monday, till then keep smiling be happy. I love you gus!!! Mwah! Bye


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