[Shinymas sub] Noctchill’s First Appearance

Anyway, here are some photos from that picnic. Heh…
Is that the real thing? There’s a rainbow from the water spray. Huh? Yeah…
Is it that intriguing…? E-everyone looks so cute in their personal photos too… They’re “idols.” Of course they do. Eh~~
But Toru-senpai is just as cute too~~ Guys, you aren’t just guests anymore, remember?
They will be the friends who work by your side. To build rainbows in people’s hearts, through idol activities, right? Uh, by the way,
do you think we can really do it? Hm~…
I wonder~~? Something like that should be a breeze. Pi…!
B-but… These photos were edited too, right…? Everyone… I understand how you feel.
However, can we at least try it out before giving up? Ah, sure.
Well then… Let’s give it a try. !?
Hey, what are you- Aha~
Toru-senpai, Hinana wants to join~~~ Woah…!
Toru-chan… Hinana-chan…! ….H-help me, Madoka! It’s not like making the same reaction as you. Madoka-senpai, there’s a rainbow on your head~!
Aha~~~! Hey-
Give it to me. Woa…!
M-Madoka-chan too…!? Ahaha. S-stop for a second…!!
Why are you guys like this suddenly- …Hm?
Didn’t you say we should try it out? I want to see whether the rainbow appears or not.

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