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Here is your news for
November 9, 2019 We’re starting off with some big
news from this week’s edition
of Friday Night SmackDown, as the New Day
are once again the show’s
tag team champions. Meeting in Manchester,
England, the team of Kofi
Kingston and Big E upset the Revival for the gold,
in a match that should have
taken place last week, but was delayed thanks to the
issues traveling home from
Crown Jewel. At the Pay Per View, both
teams were part of the Tag
Team Gauntlet to decide the best tag team in
the world, and though neither
group won the accolade it was the New Day that
eliminated Dash and Dawson. With this latest win, the group
are seven time Tag Team
Champions in WWE, whilst Kofi Kingston
extends his record for being
a tag team champion to an astonishing near-1100
days as a tag team champion. Many fans are still upset with
how abruptly Kofi’s reign as
WWE Champion came to an end thanks to
Brock Lesnar on the Premiere
of SmackDown on FOX, but its good to see the company
hasn’t given up on the talented
Superstar all together. Whilst Kofi and Big E had quite
the win on this week’s edition
of SmackDown one Superstar who may be
getting a huge win of her
own is Asuka, who is already one half of the WWE Women’s
Tag Team Champions. This week on RAW, the Kabuki
Warriors came up short against
Charlotte and Natalya with the Empress tapping out to
Natalya’s Sharpshooter, but
according to reports, it was Asuka who was
supposed to get the win. The reason for this is that on
commentary, the announcers
repeatedly mentioned Asuka beating RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch at the
Royal Rumble in January this year, and the rumored plan
is for the two to face off again
for the Man’s title. We won’t spoil what happened
on next week’s RAW, which
has already been filmed in the UK, but we know
that something happened
during the upcoming show that made a future title
match between the two even
more likely. If Asuka is to be the one to end
Lynch’s reign, she would
become the third woman in history to win the Women’s
Triple Crown, holding singles
gold on all three brands, after Charlotte who captured the
crown first, and Bayley who
became the second earlier year. Of course, any future title match
won’t be taking place until after
Survivor Series as Lynch is already set to
compete against NXT Women’s
Champion Shayna Bazler and SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley in cross
branded action. It’s safe to say that 2019 has
been the year of The Man,
who has been on fire over the past year, but
despite victories on Pay Per
View over opponents like Charlotte, Natalya, Lacey
Evans, Ronda Rousey and
Sasha Banks, the Lass kicker is yet to get her win back
against the Empress. We’ve got more news for
Survivor Series next, as though
the show will have RAW battle SmackDown and NXT
for the first time ever, the
Pay Per View will still have traditional
Survivor Series matches. On the latest episode of
SmackDown, the WWE
confirmed that Seth Rollins will be the captain of team
RAW, and that the rest of
the red brand’s team will be revealed on this
upcoming Monday’s show. The Beast slayer is hoping
to move past his Universal
title loss at Crown Jewel, and getting a
huge win for RAW, at the very
same show he debuted at seven years
ago, is the best way to get
over the Fiend. Speaking of Survivor Series, the
show will also feature a Women’s
Triple Threat Survivor Series Elimination match, as teams of
5 from each brand will battle
for brand supremacy. On last night’s SmackDown,
Sasha Banks was announced
as the team captain of the blue brand’s group,
and she will be joined by
Carmella and Dana Brooke, who defeated Mandy Rose and
Sonya Deville to earn a spot
on the team. So far, we have no idea who
will take the two remaining
spots for SmackDown, or who will fill any of the spots
for either RAW or NXT, but
expect those spots to be filled as we continue on
the road to Survivor Series. While fans in Manchester
certainly got their money’s
worth by seeing SmackDown and RAW taped live, it is what
happened after the shows that
has gotten many fans talking. After the RAW taping, the OC
came out to have a bit of post
-show fun, and with Gallows and Anderson
by his side, United States
Champion AJ Styles took great pleasure
in insulting the crowd. Claiming that there were no hot
moms in the UK, this mockery
didn’t last long, as the trio were interrupted by Smack
Down’s Universal Champion,
the Fiend Bray Wyatt. With the arena once again bathed
in red light, Wyatt was able to hold
his own against the three super Superstars, and even gave the
Phenomenal One the Mandible
claw to end the night. This confrontation was to send
fans happy, as it’s unlikely that
SmackDown’s Universal Champion will be feuding with
RAW’s United States
Champion, but this was a very cool interaction to see
between the two. Speaking of Wyatt, the Fiend
currently has no opponent for
Survivor Series but it looks like that could
change very soon. During a segment that saw
Sami Zayn once again
confront Daniel Bryan about joining his group, the
former WWE Champion was
assaulted by The Fiend, as Zayn wisely ran from the scene
leaving Bryan to receive a
Mandible claw during the attack. This assault has led many to
speculate that Wyatt’s first
feud as Universal Champion will be against the recently face-
turned Bryan, who has had a
rollercoaster year since coming out of
retirement in April last year. With that said, there have also
been reports that Wyatt’s first
feud will be with The Miz, as the leader of the
Firefly Fun House was
supposed to be a guest on Miz TV last week, which didn’t
happen thanks to the Saudi
travel issues. A feud against either man
would be great for the Fiend,
who has become one of WWE’s most popular
Superstars in 2019, and fans
will have to stay tuned to see where this attack
on Daniel Bryan goes from
here. Well we spoke earlier about
Kofi Kingston’s shocking loss
to Brock Lesnar on the premiere of SmackDown on
FOX, and this week the new
SmackDown Tag Team Champion spoke
more openly about what
happened. Speaking to Talk Sport as part
of the WWE’s UK tour,
Kingston admitted he was dissapointed with losing
the title in seconds to the part
time Brock Lesnar at the Premiere edition of
SmackDown on FOX, saying: “We’ve been talking about this
deal with FOX and I’ve been
lucky to have been at the forefront of it all since
the beginning. So, to have it
end like that was a little bit disheartening but it is what
it is, it’s not like I can really do
anything about it!” Winning the WWE Champion
ship from Daniel Bryan at
WrestleMania 35, Kofi’s feel good moment was the
culmination of an eleven year
career in WWE, but despite the emotional
victory, not everyone was
a fan. Shortly after his win, many people
claimed that the Ghanian Super
star was too small to be champion and WWE Hall of Famer Superstar
Billy Graham even encouraged Kofi
to take steroids to appear bigger. In response, Kofi told Talk Sport: “I don’t really care about any
one’s opinion, but everybody wants
to have an opinion. It’s my job to go out.. and people talk about ‘Oh,
he’s not big enough to be the
champion’ well, I’m the champ. So I am big
enough to be the champ.” It’ll be interesting to see whether
Kofi reclaims that top spot on
SmackDown as a World Champion but for now it seems the New Day
star has been moved back to the
tag team division. We’ve spoken a lot about WWE
so far today, but we do have
some big AEW news as the company builds towards
its Full Gear Pay Per View this
Saturday. It was reported a while back that
wins and losses will matter in the
new company, and that certainly seems to
be the case, as AEW has
released its first ranking of wrestlers since their launch
in January this year. For the men’s division, Cody
Rhodes was able to take the top
spot after a series of impressive matches, knocking PAC down to
second with the Hangman Adam
Page taking the bronze. Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley
took fourth and fifth place
respectively, and its very interesting that AEW World
Champion Chris Jericho
isn’t on the list. Becoming the first AEW World
Champion at All Out, Jericho
has been on fire since joining the company, but that
doesn’t seems to have translated
well into wins and losses. If anything, this report will give
Jericho even more ammunition
for another amazing promo with the Inner
Circle, and the first ever WWE
Undisputed Champion will hope to earn a spot in the
top 5 this Saturday, when he defends the gold
against Cody Rhodes. We’re looking at Impact
Wrestling next, as the
company is prepared to make history at their upcoming Hard
to Kill event on January 12th
next year. At the show, Tessa Blanchard
will make history as the first
woman to compete for a men’s World Champion
ship on Pay Per View, when
she faces Impact World Champion Sami
Callihan with the title on
the line. This isn’t the first time the pair
have competed against each
other, as the pair faced off in the main event of
Slammiversary 17 this past
July, which despite a valiant effort by Blanchard,
saw Callihan win thanks to a
series of DDTs and Piledrivers. This month, Callihan captured
the Impact World Champion
ship from Brian Cage on the show’s first airing on
AXS TV and the self-
proclaimed Death Machine has been willing to
take on all comers ever since. Though Chyna did briefly become
the number one contender for the
WWF title in 1999, the ninth wonder of
the world never got to
compete for the gold as Impact will make history with
their Hard to Kill main event in
January 2020. Back to WWE now and once
again, more stories have
come out about the delays following
Crown Jewel, as the reports
of the deal between the company and Saudi Arabia
continues to be in jeopardy. On the Jerry Lawler show, the
King spoke about Vince Mc
Mahon’s reaction backstage, and whilst
addressing the entire roster
before this week’s RAW called the trip the worst travel
experience in his 49 years in
the wrestling business. Strong words by the Chairman,
McMahon also tried to explain
the mechanical faults on the plane, which
required a piece of equipment
being flown in from Germany though many Superstars said
that these issues weren’t
explained to them properly. AJ Styles even spoke out about
the trip to the Boss, saying that
the event was a nightmare to live through,and
given that this is just the latest
in a long list of controversy and issues regarding WWE and
Saudi Arabia, it’s unclear just
what will happen next. Though Styles may have felt
comfortable speaking out
about the problems, one Superstar who did just that but
paid the price was Styles’ Good
Brother Karl Anderson. On Twitter, Anderson joked
about only returning to
Saudi Arabia because he wants a new pool
and whilst it may have been
a light hearted comment, it didn’t go down
well with Triple H According to the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter, the Game
was also present at the backstage meeting, and specifically called
out Anderson for making jokes
about not going back. It probably didn’t help the OC
members case that his wife
responded to the jokey tweet in a very serious way,
claiming that she and their children
were worried to death about Anderson’s safety following the
delay, which didn’t exactly paint
the WWE in a good light. In an era where just a single
tweet can have devastating
consequences on your career Anderson and the rest of the
locker-room should definitely
think twice next time, before they tweet something
that could cause a fall in the
price of shares. Though Anderson doesn’t seem
to have been punished at the
meeting, we’ll have to wait and see what comes later for him, as
the Best Tag Team in the world may
be in for a couple rough weeks. And finally we’ve got some news
from New Japan Pro Wrestling,
as the company has confirmed the very last match in
the United States of Jushin
Thunder Liger. Liger’s final match on US soil
will take place today, November
9th at the San Jose Civic as part of the New Japan
Showdown event, though
there is currently no clue on who his
opponent will be. This final US match is all part of
the legendary wrestler’s
retirement tour, which will culminate with Wrestle Kingdom
14 next January, where he will
hang up his boots for good. On Day 1 of the event, Liger
will team up with fellow
legends Tiger Mask, Tatsumi Fujinami and The
Great Sasuke as part of an
8 man tag match, and will also have a bout on
the second day of the show. As arguably the most recognisable
star in Japanese wrestling history,
its only right that Liger gets the send off he
deserves, as his epic career
begins to truly wrap up later


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