Should You Wear An Undershirt? Yes Or No?

Should You Wear An Undershirt Yes Or No [0:00:00]
Should you wear an undershirt? It’s a pretty simple question. Yet you go look at the opinions
online people are pretty passionately divided about this. So who is right, who is wrong?
In today’s video five reasons for the undershirt, five reasons against the undershirt, and at
the end of the video I’m going to give you my opinion. Before I get into this comparison I want to
let you know that all the undershirts you’re going to see in today’s video are brought
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They’ve also got the different necks so you want crew, you want V, you want deep V
they’ve got you covered. Guys, they’re made from cotton so you can throw them in
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100% made in the United States. I’m linking the Thompson Tee down in the description in
this video. There’s also a discount code down there. Use it or lose it. So to start things off five reasons you should
wear an undershirt. Reason #1 to wear an undershirt, gentlemen, it protects your more expensive
clothing, your dress shirt, your casual button downs from your own body. Yes, because you
sweat. You actually have dirt. You have oils coming off your body. The undershirt absorbs
them versus your nice outer shirt here. So what happens? You don’t have to wash this
shirt as often. You’re able to maybe wear it two or three times before it actually gets
dirty. The undershirt you wash all the time. And because you wash this shirt less you’re
going to get more miles and more wears out of them. Reason #2 to wear an undershirt, gentlemen,
it protects you from visible sweat stains. When you sweat and you’ve got no protection
between your skin and the outer shirt where is it going to show the sweat? On the armpits,
in the chest area, wherever you’re sweating. An undershirt that absorbs the sweats is going
to d a good job kind of spreading it out and it’s going to slow its showing on your outer
shirt. Reason #3 to love undershirts, they can protect
you from deodorant stains. Basically they keep the deodorant in its place. So when you
don’t use undershirts over time it can actually start to stain some of your nice outer shirts. Reasons #4 to wear an undershirt, it can help
keep your chest hair and nipples in check. Some of guys are part [0:02:44][inaudible].
Nothing wrong with that. But then the hair on your chest starts shooting right out here
at the top it can draw a little bit too much attention to itself. So use a crew neck undershirt
to keep it in check. Now let’s talk about hose nipples. Some
of guys have really sensitive nipples. You get the pointy thing going. You don’t want
to show the whole world that necessarily. In that case, wear an extra layer of that,
protect them, keep them getting a little bit too hard. Reason #5 to wear an undershirt,
it provides an extra layer of insulation. It helps you to regulate your temperature
and keep you warm during those cold months. All right gents, now the five disadvantages
of wearing an undershirt. Reason # 1 for not wearing an undershirt, it’s uncomfortable.
Now I find that men that say this it’s for one of three different issues. First off is
they’re not used to wearing an undershirt. So they’re wearing it for the first time.
They’re just not used to it. They’re unfamiliar with wearing it so they’re like it’s not
for me. The thing is unfamiliar is not uncomfortable. After two to three times you’ve worn an
undershirt you start to get used to it. Next step they got a bad fit. So it’s either
too tight or it’s too large. If it’s too tight, they’re going to feel it around the
armpit area, maybe up at the shoulder. If it’s too loose, they’re going to have
an excess material build up and yes that’s going to be uncomfortable. Next step is the
material. They buy a cheap undershirt. Maybe 100% cotton but it’s made from the very
cheap cotton. It kind of feels like sandpaper. You need to try something of a higher quality
material. Reason #2 to not wear an undershirt is you
can see the undershirt beneath the dress shirt. I know a lot of you guys don’t like this
look so you choose not to wear an undershirt. Here’s how you solve that problem. You wear
an undershirt that is close to your own skin type. So if you’ve got darker colored skin,
you’re going to wear something like this. If you’ve got really white colored skin,
this is what you’re going to wear. If you’ve got to medium to dark to lighter
skin but still got a little bit of a tan you wear this and this is very similar to the
grey so some people are going to like this color a bit more. Now you can bend that rule.
If you’re wearing a dress shirt that’s made from the darker color or one that’s
got a very tight weave that isn’t going to show what’s underneath. So this undershirt
I can actually wear with this shirt. No one is going to see it as along they’ve got
a V neck cut in the front. For me that’s key because I often times am not wearing tie
and that’s the style I’m looking for. [0:05:00]
Reason #3 in hot weather an undershirt is just going to make you hotter. I can see this
with really cheap, poorly made undershirt because they’re not made to wick away moisture.
They’re simply going to get you those hot spots and you’re going to sweat. You’re
going to wish you had that layer off. But if you find one that’s made from material
that wicks away the moisture I find that they do a pretty good job of dissipating the moisture
and again they protect you from the sweat stains. Reason #4 to avoid undershirts they’re useless
as standalone shirts. In some cases this is true. Undershirts are made to be undershirts.
They’re made to be underwear. This particular color with a deep V like this is not going
to be a t-shirt you want to wear by itself but maybe something a black that has a little
bit of looser fit, a thicker material, and it’s a crew or a none super deep V neck
you could actually pull off. Reason #5 to say no to the undershirt gentlemen
is it hides you’re sexy. I know a lot of you guys want to unbutton those shirts. You
want to show the world what you’ve got. A mere undershirt should not be able to hold
back what you’ve got guys. So just let it out there. Release the vibe. All right, gentlemen,
now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments. Are you team undershirt
or are you team I’m going to destroy my dress shirt cause I don’t acknowledge the
power of undershirt. As you can tell I’m totally unbiased and
at the end of the day guys hopefully you enjoy this video. You’ll learn something useful
and you go check out guys Thompson Tee, an amazing company. I’m proud to support them.
I’m linking to them down in the description with an awesome discount code guys. All right, gentlemen, that’s it. Take care.
I’ll see you in the next video and don’t forget. Don’t be afraid to release the sexy.
Oh yeah. Release the vibe. Send it out there and don’t worry. I’m not going to send
it right to the camera. I don’t want to break your screen but maybe in a future video. [0:06:50] End of Audio


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