Simone Rocha модная осень 2019 зима 2020 в Лондоне / Одежда, обувь, сумки

Hello. My name is Natalya. Welcome to my
channel. And we have with you today, my
dear viewers will another review. At London Fashion Week
gathered audience new fall winter collection
2019/2020 introduced fashionable House Simone Rocha. This time the fashion line
looked like from a famous brand more restrained compared
with past seasons and therefore and more commercial. Its voluminous silhouettes
rounded and specific style designer changed
to more universal and modern outfits. But from this the work of couturier
not become less interesting. Now victorianism which
has long been exceptional chip Simon Rosh, we can
see in a new way. Although the black color is still
takes the lead role leaked into the fashion line
pale pink, cream and azure shades as well
sparkling gold sequins. Collection of a famous brand
– this is small, you can say theatrical performance
where the designer argues about tenderness and eroticism,
about personal space and insecurity. All emotions convey here
drapery, ruffles, translucent fabric, lace and shuttlecocks,
and a special virtuoso cut, asymmetry, layering,
play in contrast do fashion outfits in their own way
unique and extraordinary. Simon Rocha loves to search
more and more new faces forms, design solutions,
combining in fashionable clothes handmade and modern
technology, femininity and masculinity, softness
and rigidity, romance and realism. According to couturiers, fashionable
clothes should not just be practical and comfortable as well
first call bright sensual emotions. And I think Simon did it. Fashion show autumn-winter
collections I remember viewers and peculiar
casting. Models on the podium
completely different ages: from young debutants to more
older generation whose fame fell on distant
The 80s. See, rate, write
your thoughts in the comments. Thank you all for like and subscribe
per channel. Enjoy your viewing, kind
positive emotions and necessarily sunny mood.


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