SixTONES – JAPONICA STYLE [English Ver.] (Behind The Scenes)

[♪ JAPONICA STYLE] Staff: Can you take a listen to how you sang in your old take for the 3rd verse, the one in Japanese? ♪ Yattemiyouka, doushiyouka? Never ever carry on for me
(Should we try it? What should we do? Never ever carry on for me) Taiga: Oh~ / Staff: You didn’t really did a gap for breathing Staff: So maybe make it continuous / Taiga: Continuous, okay, / Staff: I think that’d sound cooler Staff: You didn’t have time to breath anyway, right? / Taiga: Not sure about that, Taiga: ♪ So give it a shot, give it a shot Taiga: ♪ Never ever carry on for me Staff: Okay okay okay / Taiga: It’s coming back to me~ Staff: It came back, didn’t it? Taiga: It came back, yeah / Staff: The feel from back then came back, didn’t it? Taiga: Before this it still felt like this wasn’t really my part / Staff: I see Taiga: But it’s starting to come back to me Taiga: Before this I was concentrating too much on the English / Staff: Got it, Hokuto: ♪ Nobody knows what’s gonna happen Hokuto: It sounded like I lacked confidence / Staff: Yeah that’s true Staff: You should think like you can pull it off Hokuto: Wanna try with me sounding like I can pull it off? / Staff: You wanna try that, sure. Hokuto: If I give it a try I might pull it off / Staff: Yeah, it’s about the attitude too Hokuto: Okay then I’ll try it like that / Staff: Great, Staff: Pay attention to the ‘s’ in ‘knows’ as you weren’t pronouncing it. / Hokuto: That’s true, Staff: Oh hey! / Hokuto: That one sounded like it’s starting to work / Staff: It does, doesn’t it? Staff: Let’s try one more time with that swagger like just now / Hokuto: Like the one just now? / Staff: Yes, Hokuto: Yeah! Staff: Let’s try it a couple of times / Hokuto: Yes, c’mon / Staff: C’mon, yeah Hokuto: ♪ Nobody knows what’s gonna happen Hokuto: Oh! Staff: You got it? Staff: There it is, Staff: LOL Staff: So realistic~ Staff: Okay then / Hokuto: Yes, / Staff: That sounded great Staff: Right? Staff: Thank you very much / Hokuto: Thanks, Staff: It’s a direction Staff: It’s a good time to give direction Yūgo: I was trying to not write the katakana spelling for this! / Staff: Oh my~ Jesse: Yeah don’t sweat that Yūgo: ♪ We can live for the moment- LOL Yūgo: Start please~ Yūgo: ♪ Oh oh~ Wow wow~ / Staff: Hey that was good! Staff: Okay, let’s keep that take. Shintarō: The Yume Koi Sakura part is awesome, isn’t it? Staff: What was that sound? Staff: What sound were you trying to give us? LOL Stuff: Some amazing sound came out in the end there Shintarō: Should we do it one more time / Staff: Let’s. Staff: If you hadn’t looked this way that last part was great! Shintarō: Can I do it one more time? Staff: LOL Staff: Alright~ Yay, good job~ Staff: I don’t know the English for ‘Otsukaresama’ / Staff: Well done~ Juri: Take my pic for the thumbnail / Staff: For the thumbnail? Staff: Okay we got it Juri: ♪ While we keep rising Juri: ♪ Rising to the– Okay let’s try it / Staff: Okay lol Staff: You wanna go straight to a take? Staff: Okay, okay, Staff: What about the thumbnail, you okay with the one just now? Staff: Okay then, lol Staff: But you moved / Staff: LOL why did you move for the thumbnail? Staff: Is that how thumbnails are? Juri: I’ll try again / Staff: Yeah, / Juri: I’ll do as many takes it needs / Staff: Let’s do that Juri: Okay. Staff: You ready? Okay let’s go Juri: It sounds convincing, right? / Staff: It does Juri: I sounded like Will Smith / Staff: Oh my, Staff: Oh are you Will Smith-san? / Juri: Kinda, yeah, Staff: LOL you are? Staff: Then Will Smith-san can you at least keep your face towards the mic? Staff: This for another thumbnail? Okay. Staff: Okay, you look sexy, sexy voice. Juri: If I do this and the thumbnail isn’t of me I get upset, you know? Jesse: ♪ We can make it JAPONICA STYLE Jesse: ♪ We can live for the moment never let it go Jesse: ♪ Oh~ WE ARE SO JAPONICA~ Staff: You went the cute route there in the end / Jesse: lol Staff: You went with a cute take there / Staff: A new version, yeah Jesse: It’s a Reiwa version / Staff: Right, a Reiwa* version
(Reiwa is the current Imperial Era) Staff: Right, I think it’s fine if it’s continuous / Staff: He dropped his tone Staff: Yeah it dropped immediately didn’t it? Thanks, why don’t we do that part one last time? Staff: One where it’s continuous / Jesse: Understand, Staff: Wait, wait- Staff: If you drop it instantly that’s how it sounded? Staff: Alright, thank you very much, / Jesse: Thanks, Jesse: ♪ Japonica Style~ Staff: Okay so with that take we’re finished here / Jesse: Yes, Staff: Thank you very much / Jesse: Likewise, Staff: Thank you for you work, [Translated by SixTONES fan, thank you!] 6T: ♪ Everybody Japonica Style, Wabisabi Japonica Style 6T: ♪ Everything will change but we’ll keep rising, rising to the sky 6T: ♪ How we do it Japonica Style, We can make it Japonica style 6T: ♪ We can live for the moment Never let it go, wow~ 6T: ♪ Wow-oh~ Jesse: ♪ We are so Japonica- Pow!

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