in this video we’re going to be doing a
mid skin fade with a number three on top if you’re new to this channel and want
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this video right now we’re gonna start off by making our bald outline and these
are the babyliss trimmers and I’m just gonna make my guideline around the
entire head now we’re gonna take the number three guard with the lever fully
open and we’re gonna cut down the top and throughout this video I have the
written descriptions with what I’m doing as well also in a description if you
want to check out time stamps so you can fast forward to a specific point in the
video you can do that as well so I got to do it just look in the description so
now we’re gonna start with the lever closed and begin to blend out this
guideline just attacking that bottom line okay here you see me open the lever and then
here I’ll open it up one more time and how I’m gonna do this video I did this
fade a little bit different I did all the steps around the entire head I know some
people they like to stick to one side me personally I usually stick to one side
but for the purpose of this video I want to show you each step around the entire
head so all you see me doing it right here is the same thing I did on the
right side and I’m gonna do it on the left side as well
you notice how my thumb is stretching his skin so that way I get the tightest
fade that I can all right and then we move on to the
left side and we’re gonna do the same exact thing whatever you do to one side
you have to do it to all sides that’s how you get a good consistent fade and
notice how I comb after every few strokes okay we’re gonna make our next
guideline with the number one guard with the lever fully open and once again
we’re gonna go around the entire head this might be easier for some people so
it’s whatever floats your boat it’s so many different ways to fade hair but with
this channel I’m just trying to show you guys different ways to achieve the same
haircut like they say there’s more than one way
to skin a cat but I just want to show you different methods and if you guys can
tweak your method however you want to okay so here we drop down the lever
fully closed all right and then here you see me open the lever one notch so we’re
going in between that one open and one closed now what we’re gonna do in a
second is come after we complete this step around the entire head we’re gonna
come back with the half guard and just knock out that faint line that you see like I said just repeat the same steps
on this side as well if you’re finding value out of this
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the channel out and I appreciate all you guys support so here we have the half
guard and we’re knocking out that line and the lever is fully closed by the way now after this step all we have to do is
just blend it into the top okay now we have the to guard with the
lever fully open and remember we cut the hair down with the three on top so this
should help it blend right into the top and then here I just like the to guard
with the lever fully open and I’m just grazing down this top just to smooth it
into the fade and like I said we’re gonna use the two guard around the entire head that way you keep your guidelines
consistent and notice how I’m holding the Clipper flush I’m not really digging
into the hair because I don’t want to raise the fade too high
I just want to eliminate that bulk right there at the ridge of his head and then for certain spots I just closed
the lever just a little bit but okay right here we have the one and a half guard
and right here we’re just gonna clean up the rest of the fade right here
so we’re going right up under that number two and just smoothing the fade
in so if you’re looking at this fade right
now it’s pretty much done we’re just taking this one and a half and just
smoothing everything together comment below if you think this is an
easy fading process I think it’s pretty straight forward and to the point and then
right here on this side I’m just taking the number three guard and just getting
rid of that bulk right there and I’m also tapering his hair down with that
number three as well in front of his hairline just sort of lay down smoothly and I’m
just spraying some holding spray to make his hair stand still we’re gonna proceed
with the line once again just tapering this side of his hairline just to make
the hair lay down I like to make the vertical bars first
just because it makes it easier for me to connect it if you just line the sides
up first and then connect it across the front it makes it a lot easier to me
some people line across the front first and then do the vertical bars but it’s
really all the preference and then here you see me just tap it is line up I
don’t want to dig into this hairline that’s the last thing that you want to
do that’s the fastest way it’s to lose the customer so you just want to find
that balance between taking off as little hair as possible and also getting
the hair line as crispy as possible don’t chase the hair line just try to
get it as natural and as crisp as you can and then here we just put it on the
finishing touches with the razor this is a very essential part this will make the
line of last a couple of more days I promise you and I’m just spraying some
oil sheen right here and this is the end of the cut guys thank you so much for
watching if you found this video helpful like I said hit the subscribe button
comment below what other tutorials you want to see and I will see you guys on
the next video


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