SPRING/SUMMER FASHION HAUL/TRY ON | AFFORDABLE finds from Target, Amazon, American Eagle

yeah Hey everybody welcome back it’s Sara
from The Style Blog today I’m going to do a spring and summer fashion haul
try on for you all and everything is super affordable I’m gonna go over some
spring and summer trends that I’ve seen popping up everywhere that are super
cute and I’m gonna tell you how you can incorporate those into your current
wardrobe and most of these finds are from Target American Eagle and Amazon
everything will be linked below it’s all available for sale online let’s get
started first off trend number one is denim denim everything denim
jackets denim rompers denim shortalls denim shorts everything you can imagine
denim you can do denim on denim secondly tie-dye tie dye is back if you haven’t
heard the 90s fashion is back I’m kind of excited about it because it seems
more elevated than the tie-dye was way back in the 90s it’s more
fashion-forward and chic guys this entire outfit including my cute sandals
is under $75 ok so this little denim jumper is from Target
they actually have it in a lighter denim wash as well I am wearing a size small
in this it just buckles like a normal like overall with a buckle it has this
great functional zipper down the front and it’s very comfortable I’m about five
seven so I would say if you are taller than me you may want to be cautious because
it’s a little bit on the short side but if you’re shorter than me this would
definitely look so cute on you and of course you can pair this little jumper
with basically any top you want underneath you could even go with a long
sleeve to sort of transition it into the spring and summer from winter if it’s still
cold where you live or you can definitely wear it with like a
one-shoulder top a tube top a tank top etc for those warm summer months this is
such a versatile piece and I’m so excited about it it was $28 from Target
so let’s talk about this top I have on underneath this it’s just a one-shoulder
tie-dye top this is $17 from American Eagle it is kind of cropped I would say
goes to about here not super cropped but you would want to wear high-waisted or
something over it if you don’t want your stomach to show and I think it’s in a
really chic color scheme here you have your white your light pink and your purple it’s
very very soft and very comfortable of course you’re gonna need either a stick
on or strapless bra with this and lastly let’s cover these cute sandals so these
are from Target they’re an updated version of the years before they were
$28 so they have the white on the bottom the years before didn’t have this has
the tan strap and has the white strap the white strap is a little bit textured but
you don’t really see it too much and then you have the cork right here it
gives tiniest amount of a wedge maybe half inch to an inch wedge but you don’t
really notice the height these are great they will go with absolutely everything
all summer long if you don’t know what to put with an outfit put these with
it another super easy way to transition this into spring is wear it with a jean
jacket I got this beautiful a light wash jean jacket from Target it’s their
universal thread brand I actually got this in an extra small because it’s the
only size they had and I really enjoy how it fits this jacket is great the
sleeves are super easy to roll up and I feel like it does fit a little bit big
so I’m normally like a small sometimes a medium very rarely an extra small and
this extra small fits me really well this retails for $30 at Target and I
feel like it is worth every bit of that price it’s a great quality denim jacket
okay let’s try on another top underneath this romper guys this is an eight dollar
v-neck from Target this brings me to my third big trend this summer and that is
sneakers with everything so yes sneakers are very in & you can
wear them with absolutely anything stuff that you’ve never thought you should
wear sneakers with dresses overalls shorts jeans everything just make sure
that they’re cute and chic so these white style sneakers are really
really in I’m sure you guys have all seen the Golden Goose sneakers for
hundreds and hundreds of dollars I’ve included these in this video
they’re not super inexpensive they’re about 80 bucks they’re by Steve Madden
but they are a very very close dupe for those golden gooses I also picked up
these adidas tennis shoes on Amazon they were about 45 bucks I feel like these fit
the theme as well if you’re not so much into these sort of like remade skater
shoes does anyone remember those from like the 90s 2000s these are I think much
cleaner option for you these are both so cute there’s just so many ways you can
wear this jumper I just want to show you how versatile it is I’m gonna put this
shirt on with some shorts so I can show it off ok so here’s our $8 tie dye tee this
one is actually in a medium I got one in a small that I’m gonna try on for you guys
in a second I’m normally like a size small this one is a little bit big on me
I wanted it to be baggy plus it’s the only sized that my target had these shorts
you’re gonna quickly learn that I’m a huge fan of target’s new brand wild
fable it’s normally right when you walk in Target they have a special section
just for this brand the clothing is so cute and the prices are very very
affordable these jean shorts are $15 these are so soft they’re rolled they’re
a high rise so I’m normally a size 25 26 in shorts I got a size two in every
single short I’ll try on for you guys today and they all fit really well these
do have a little bit of an inseam they are on the shorter side but I feel like
they’re very flattering and you can definitely wear a normal bra with this you
don’t have to wear strapless which is nice so let me put on the small version
of this top so you can see them side by side ok and here is the small in this
sort of mustard pale yellow color it is a lot slimmer it looks a little more
flattering to my figure while still being a little bit loose so I don’t know
if I prefer the medium or the small better I think it just depends on if you
want it to be really loose or just kind of form-fitting but loose-ish again this
one’s a small that blue one was the medium they’re only eight dollars I’m not gonna
go over all my jean shorts that I bought because I’m gonna do an entire
Jean short ultimate guide for you guys for spring and summer including really
affordable finds all the way up to expensive designer jean shorts so you can
see them all side-by-side so I’m just gonna touch on a couple of affordable
jeans shorts that I found and then the rest will be in the next video these shorts
are also from Target they’re from their wild fable brand size two these
retail for $15 like the other ones they’re kind of an acid wash so while
they kind of look white they have these like dark denim details from the acid
which is pretty cool these fit just a little bit looser they have a little
more room in them in the you know the hip area and the waist they do feel a
tiny bit stretchy they have a longer inseam these are a little bit more
flattering especially if you’re going out you know you’re gonna kind of be
active you’re gonna be bending down and moving around etc these will be a little
bit these will cover you up a little bit better than those last ones these
shorts are actually from Amazon they were $28 they don’t come in number sizes
I just got a size small I probably should have gotten a size extra small because
they’re pretty big but I think these are a great option for a very very affordable
price they are distressed they’re a little bit on the shorter side they
don’t have a very long inseam I would say they’re like medium rise a little
bit distressed they have a lot of different colors they’re so buttery soft
and comfortable though I’m pretty sure I could like sleep in these and not be
uncomfortable all right and these are the last shorts I’m gonna try them for this
video but there’ll be a ton more in my next video these are the American Eagle
Tom girl shorts while they are kind of short I feel like they give you a lot of
coverage in the bum area I always like to have a really destroyed pair of denim
in my wardrobe for spring and summer because it’s just kind of fun to mix and
match outfits with and this is a great option it’s very very light wash and
then kind of destroyed as well I think these are very cute they retail for
fifty dollars but honestly you can find sales on American Eagle all the
time I think I bought these for 35 bucks and again guys don’t be afraid to
wear these with a tennis shoe it’s so cute love these ok and I couldn’t move
on to dresses until I showed you these cute shortalls like overalls but
shorts get it I posted that on my Instagram stories and not all of you got that so these
are from Target they’re a light wash and they retail for $28 these are actually a
size extra small and I have plenty of room I would have normally gotten a
small they just didn’t have it and I’m glad that they made me size down to an
extra small because there’s plenty of room in this the back is actually very
flattering for a shortall it gives enough bottom coverage these just go on
and off like regular overalls and I do believe that they have a darker wash as
well I have actually seen these on much curvier women than me and they look
awesome on all body types I wish I had someone here to try all these clothes on with
me so you can see it on different bodies but maybe in the future I just couldn’t
get anyone to do it with me today then I want to go over this tie-dye
undershirt did I buy enough tie dye I think so this is from American Eagle
it retails for $25 I got on sale for 15 again they have sales all the time so I would
wait for this for a sale so it’s kind of cropped it’s about this length it’s
pretty boxy so I would either tuck it into high waisted something or wear it
underneath like a romper or a jumper or something like that so it has this fun
little embroidered Daisy up top here it’s just on one side I don’t know if I
like it or it makes me look like a little girl it reminds me of what I
would wear in like fourth grade let me know what you guys think I’m like
50/50 so I also wanted to show you really quickly that I bought this
cropped tube top from Target it was eight dollars and it is more tie-dye like I
went crazy with tie dye guys but it is so in and there’s so much cute tie-dye out
there right now so this is obviously like a very summery look for like a
festival amusement park somewhere you’re gonna be sweating you’re gonna be hot
etc but I think it’s really cute and I got this in a size small it cuts off
right about here so you’re gonna want to wear it with something over it unless
you want that cropped look I think this is really fun ok and the last top
before moving on to dresses it’s just a nice peachy pink orange crop high neck
sort of racerback type top it’s from American Eagle it’s $20
actually it wasn’t on sale but I bought it for full price and it is so insanely
soft so it does not provide tons of coverage you’re gonna need a strapless
bra and it it’s a little bit cropped it kind of goes to here so let’s go to
those dresses now ok so the next most popular thing this
summer are wrap dresses these are super cute and obviously like you can’t go
wrong with floral for spring I got this from Target it was $25 it is a spaghetti
strap with just like a straight-across neckline which is sort of leaning toward
our 90’s vibe it does not have a zipper it’s stretchy in the back it actually
does come undone you can retie it and then it’s just open
like a normal wrap dress would be again I’m five seven and this is plenty long
on and guys don’t be afraid to put this with this denim jacket if it’s
gonna be a little bit colder outside it will kind of dress down your look also
and it will give you a little bit of warmth obviously also guys don’t be
afraid to wear your sneakers with this it’s very cute and also sort of makes it
a little bit more casual but these are going with everything right now I found this
super cute pair of sandals from Amazon they’re soda brand there were
twenty-four dollars and they look cute with pretty much everything see how they
have just like a little bit of a heel not bad they’re very very comfortable
they come in a lot of different colors I’m usually between an eight and a half
and a nine I got eight and a half in these and they fit really well all right
guys I saved my absolute favorite piece for last this is from American Eagle
it’s a sweet little wrap dress it actually is a real wrap and it has
a tie as well and it has a little like hook and eye closure here to make sure
that it’s not you know open too low and exposing you or anything like that this
retails for $45 I got it for $35 again wait for a sale this is a very
flattering length on me I feel like you could pull it off if you’re you know a
little bit shorter a little bit taller I’m five seven again it has nice little
sleeves on it I originally bought this to wear to Easter Church this is the
size small I am in love with the fit and the colors and the pattern I just love
this dress and I want to wear all the time it’s very very comfortable very
soft sort of like a linen material oh so cute
let’s put it with some shoes ok guys I want to show you that you can wear
these with these cute wedged heels or you can wear them with these cute Steve
Madden golden goose dupe sneakers or even these super cute target flats ok
and I just want to mention one more trend before I say goodbye to you guys
this super cute sunglass strap if you can see it there’s little
dangly gold shells on it and then the back is this nice pearl on this gold
chain um this is so fun look at how this dangles it’s just like another cute gold
accessory I love it ok friends I hope you enjoyed this
video all the details will be linked below everything is listed for sale
online I hope you guys are having a great week and I’ll see you next time
for our ultimate Jean short haul I’m so excited I can’t wait to see you bye


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