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(light music) – Hi, ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel, and welcome back to our
Style Reboot series. In this series, I’m really just trying to give you guidelines to help you, to hold your hand, to walk
you through the process, so that we can really,
literally reboot our styles. There are various reasons why
you might get stuck in a rut. Maybe there’s a lifestyle change, maybe there’s an age change, maybe there’s a body change. So I think it’s important to kind of let’s just start from square one, and then walk through
this journey together step by step by step. So if you missed the
first couple of videos, first three videos, you
can go back and watch those so you don’t feel like you’re
missing out on anything. In this video specifically,
I want to talk about dressing appropriately for your age, and this is the one that tends
to be the most controversial and I want to just say out of the gate that you can wear whatever you want, whatever makes you feel happiest, whatever makes you feel
the most confident, whatever makes you feel
the most comfortable. I feel my role is simply to guide you. If you want the guidance, if
you feel you need the guidance, I’m here to help, and
I’m here to guide you. That is all, so I’m in no way
saying you can’t wear this, or you can wear this,
or you can’t wear this or you can wear this, I’m
just trying to guide you. And I am the farthest thing from perfect, you know, you guys saw in the last video I had a bra strap showing. A few of you were kind enough, wink, wink, to point it out to me. I always have something
that’s not quite right, whether it’s chipped nail polish or dry hands, or dry feet. There’s always something,
lipstick on my teeth. There’s always something
that’s not quite right, and that’s why my slogan used to be look like you have your act
together even if you don’t, because a lot of times, it
looks like it’s all put together and then you start inspecting more closely and there’s something
that’s not quite right, and that’s just the nature
of my life right now. I have two young kids, I
am building a business, so I work full-time, and also you know, I have a house and a husband, and stuff. Like we all do, we’re
juggling so many things, so to look perfect all the
time is not an attainable goal, and it’s not my goal, and it
shouldn’t be your goal either. What we’re striving for
is to look as put together as we can in the short
amount of time that we have, and we’re all pressed for time. So, all of that said, I’m just gonna kinda walk you through some of the things that I think that can help you on your journey to dressing
appropriately for your age, and whether that’s going from
your early 20s to your 30s, whether that’s going from being a single woman to a married woman, whether that’s going from being
married to being a mother, whether that’s from your 30s to your 40s or 40s to 50s, whatever the switch in your lifestyle is that
you feel you have to kind of connect with that part of you which asks is this appropriate for my age, I’m just gonna give you some guidelines. So let’s get started,
and I have some notes ’cause there are certain
things I want to talk about. The first thing I want to
talk about are skirt hemlines and this is one that if
you used to watch that show with Stacy London, What Not to Wear, I did, I watched every episode, they talked about no mini-skirts after 35. Look, I think if you
want to wear a mini-skirt and your legs like look Heidi Klum’s, and you’re super fit and super svelte, and your legs are in good shape, and you’re proud of your legs, wear the mini-skirt, okay? Just, I would go back to the one skin rule that I talked about in the previous video, where if you’re gonna show a lot of leg, maybe you cover up a
little bit more on top. You just make modifications. The other thing you can
do if you want to wear a shorter hemline, and you
know, you could wear tights. Tights would cover up your legs, and make it look a little
bit more sophisticated and a little bit more classic, and a little bit more conservative. So you’re gonna hear me
talk about two things a lot in this video. One is modification, and
the other is sophistication, so those are my benchmarks in terms of how is it appropriate for my age. But it’s completely up to you. I’m not gonna say don’t wear one after this particular age. It’s very contingent
upon your comfort level and your body, and what’s
appropriate for you, and what you feel comfortable in. I’ll just say that if you
are gonna show a lot of leg, keep the top half covered. Now, what about shorts? If I didn’t live in south Texas, I don’t think I would wear shorts. However, I do live in
this really hot climate, and I feel like shorts are a necessity. When I do wear shorts, I do try to keep the upper body a little bit more covered, either with a roll-up linen, a roll-up sleeve linen shirt, or maybe I do a short-sleeve shirt, or short-sleeve tee, just something that covers up a little bit more on top. You know, just again, in thinking about how can I make those shorts a
little bit more sophisticated and a little bit more appropriate for me and my comfort level, and how I feel. So that’s what I’ve always
got in the back of my mind, especially with something like shorts. Crop tops, you know, like the
tops that show your midriff, those are very on trend right now, and we’ve been seeing a lot of those and a lot of crop sweaters
and a lot of crop jackets. I do have a couple of crop tops, and all I do is I wear a higher rise pant, so I hear women say well,
I can’t wear crop tops. I can’t wear midi tops,
I can’t wear tummy tops. Well, if your stomach is
not your problem area, it’s pretty decent, why not just wear a pair of high rise pants or jeans and then wear your crop top? Or a layer under the crop top, so that you have a layer,
extra layer under it to cover that little sliver of skin and a higher rise pant? I mean, there are ways
you can modify that trend so that you can make it more
appropriate for your age, and again, more appropriate for
your body and comfort level. Now, if you don’t want to draw
attention to your stomach, the crop top’s probably not
gonna be the trend for you, so that’s another area
just to think about. Ripped jeans is another
question I get a lot. Can I wear ripped jeans
after this certain age, or I just don’t feel
comfortable in ripped jeans, so the first question to ask yourself is do I feel comfortable
wearing the ripped jeans, number one. Some people don’t. I mean, I have a great aunt by marriage. Her name is Martha, and
she always says to me I love all your posts, but I
don’t like those ripped jeans. (laughs) And I get that, I mean, she’s 80 years old and she doesn’t want to wear ripped jeans. That’s totally normal and fine. But if you do want to wear ripped jeans, maybe you want to modify it. Maybe you just want to do the pair that’s not super, super ripped. Or maybe you do, I don’t know. But again, just think
about how do you feel about wearing them, do you
feel comfortable wearing them? If you don’t feel necessarily
so comfortable wearing them, maybe you again, just
do slightly distressed. If you want to rock
’em and you feel great, then maybe you just do
like a turtleneck on top or a nice chunky sweater on top to sort of offset that
little bit of exposure you’ve got with the legs. So again we’re talking about modification, first checking your comfort level and then talking about
modification potentially so that you’re more comfortable. But under no circumstances does aging mean that you can’t try modern trends. Of course you can, it’s
almost become a thing. It’s called fast fashion, where stores just are constantly bombarding you with different trends and you know, I kind of fall into
this trap sometimes too because you see, it’s like
the shiny new toy, right? You’re like oh my gosh, that’s so cool, and I want one, but the thing is like, you can’t get so, so sucked into that. I kinda have to get a
little more sucked in because it’s part of my business, but for you guys at
home, you don’t have to get sucked into that. Just look at the things out there, and then make a decision
based on what strikes you, or what you are most drawn to. Don’t try to do every single thing, and don’t, for Heaven’s sakes, don’t do like a whole outfit of
fast fashion, you know? Like pick one thing and
then keep everything else pretty classic, so you
want to try a lace-up top, maybe do a lace-up sweater,
a lace-up sweatshirt, and then you just wear regular jeans and some booties and then
that’s it, call it a day. You just don’t want to go overboard. So maybe just find one or two things that really speak to you,
that you really love, and then keep everything
else pretty classic, and you’ll be good. You want to make sure that
you don’t have anything that’s too dated in your
closet because if you wear dated pieces, that will
make you look older, so for example, I’ve been
in clients’ closets before where they have those old blazers, and they may be like St. John, or some really expensive designer brand, so they don’t want to get rid of ’em, but then they have those
ginormous ’80s shoulder pads, so if they wear that, they
look dated, it looks older. You just want to make sure
that what you’re wearing isn’t so obviously dated, because I think, when you wear dated things,
that can make you look older. You know, and along
the same lines of that, you don’t want to go out and just not put any effort in, and just wear like oversized, dowdy looking clothes. You want to make an effort, and you want to make sure that you are wearing things that do fit your body and fit your style type, and
do make you feel confident because that’s gonna make you look more youthful and modern,
whereas if you just, you know, you’re just
throwing on a muumuu, that’s not gonna make you look modern and sophisticated. I do get a lot of questions
about message tees, also, you know, tees that have messages on them, and I think that’s the kind of thing like you’re kicking around
the house on the weekend, or you’re going to a kid’s
game, like sure, no problem. But maybe out and about
on a regular basis, or if you’re going to meet
an important group of people or important friends,
you might not want to do something like that, or if you do, keep it more on the sophisticated side, like wear a blazer over it
or a tweed jacket over it, or something that will elevate that tee, and then I just would probably
avoid message tees that, anything that’s kinda crazy. In mixed company, you know, if you’re with a close group of friends, why not? But in mixed company, or people
you don’t know that well, you just want to make sure you’re wearing something that’s appropriate. Another thing to think about is don’t get hung up on the size number. You know, some of us may
think I’m a size six, I will always buy a size six. I don’t want to be
anything but a size six. You can’t do that nowadays,
’cause there’s so much vanity sizing, and the sizes
are just across the board, like basically a rollercoaster ride. I mean, in my closet I have
from size zero to size eight. It just depends on the designer,
it depends on the line, it depends on the cut,
it depends on the brand. So don’t get hung up on the size. Just make sure the garment fits you, it feels comfortable on you, it gives you a little wiggle room. Honestly, more times than not, if something is a little bit roomy on you, it makes you look skinnier, so again, just don’t get caught up in the number, and if you have to cut
the tag out of your pants or your dress, or whatever,
to make you feel better, cut it out, you know what I mean? Just get the scissors and
shoo, cut it outta there. So, I think that’s important to mention. You probably want to go
easy on the girl exposure, you know, I think that
that could definitely be an easy way to make you
look less sophisticated, and like you’re trying too hard. You know, that’s kind
of the fear, I think, for us gals as we get a little bit older. We don’t want to look like
we’re trying too hard, you know, or desperate or whatever. So I think if you kinda
keep this area in check and tasteful and sophisticated,
that can certainly help. I think the bottom line
is you have to make sure, number one it’s something
you’re comfortable wearing. Number two, it’s something
you feel confident in. Number three, it works well
for your body and your style. Those are the most important factors. Everything else, don’t worry about, okay? But you have to think
about those three things. Those are the important things, so make the modifications
based on your comfort level, keep it sophisticated, and you’re good. There’s no reason why you
can’t look modern and fresh, and like you’re gonna tackle the world. Regardless of your age, You
can dress in a modern way. You can wear trends, you can
try color, you can do prints. You can do all of it, just make sure you make those modifications and that you really check yourself
about whether or not it’s something that you
really look good in, feel good in, are comfortable
in, are confident in, and will own when you wear it. Thank you guys so, so much for watching. I hope that was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m gonna keep doing these every week, so be sure to subscribe so
you don’t miss the next one, and I will see you next time. Bye. (light music)


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