Style Secrets to Help You Look Slimmer Without Diet or Exercise

– Who wants to look 10 pounds slimmer without diet or exercise? Anybody? Everybody? (uplifting instrumental music) Hi, ladies, it’s Erin, and welcome back to my channel. Through Busbee Style,
my mission is to help busy women just like you who are juggling life,
juggling a thousand things, look like you have your act together, even if you don’t. Today I’m gonna walk you through 10 simple ways that you can look 10 pounds slimmer in your clothes without doing a thing,
without getting off the couch, all you have to do is
dress yourself skinny. Yay, it’s my favorite kind. This is what I did after both kids. First kiddo, my son Gage, I
gained 50 pounds with him. So post-pregnancy, I definitely struggled. I had the post-pregnancy
belly, as we all do. And then again with Elizabeth, I had the same, the
midsection, the whole thing, and I remember people thinking, oh gosh, you lost your weight so quickly. And I’m like, no, I’m
just hiding it, hello. So I’m gonna walk you through some of the simple ways that you can actually look slimmer
without doing a darn thing. The first way is really simple, and it’s really easy to do, and it’s one of my favorite
ways to look slimmer, and that’s to wear an outer layer. I don’t mean a coat. It could be a top or it could be a blazer. Traditionally, a cardigan
also works really well. And what that does,
especially in a darker shade, is it’s gonna sort of shave off the sides. It’s gonna create the illusion that you look a little slimmer
all through the middle. And you can see here it
definitely makes an impact. It definitely makes you look slimmer. Make sure that you tuck in your shirt so that you can see the top of your pants. And if you can’t tuck in your shirt because of belly reasons,
then I would just opt for a top that’s not super long, something that’s a little bit shorter. We’ve heard this one before. We keep hearing it over and over again, and there’s a reason, because it works. When you wear one color from head to toe, you are going to look taller. You are going to look slimmer. You actually can look more
sleek and sophisticated as well. And the bonus, right now, monochromatic dressing is back in fashion. It’s back on trend. It went away for a while. I remember talking about for years, like doing do matchy-matchy, don’t do a suit, wear them as separates. Well, it’s back. You can be fully suited
up now, which is great. It makes you look slimmer
and longer and taller. Find shapewear that really works for you, that really is comfortable for you, that you really love, that
really sucks everything in, and wear that when you
really want to look slimmer. Whether it’s a special occasion, a big night out, a big date. For me, after babies, when I
really needed to slim down, I just doubled down on the Spanx. I wore two sets of Spanx, and I did the high ones
that come under your bust. I doubled down on it because sometimes you need to double down. I think Spanx are wonderful, and you could certainly find
them in so many places now. And there are other options too, it doesn’t have to be Spanx. I do love the skirt slips as well. I think in terms of slimming
the tummy area and thigh area and the butt, the skirt is awesome. It’s just gonna smooth everything out. If you got a little muffin top going, it’s gonna smooth it out. If it’s way too tight and
it’s not gonna be comfortable, then it’s probably not the right size. Just make sure you find the right size. Next tip is to wear high rise jeans. Sometimes referred to as mom jeans. How do you know if a jean is high rise? Well, if the top of the jean
is in your belly button, that’s high rise. High rise jeans are wonderful because they suck everything in. It’s all in there. You just tuck it in, you know? I don’t like low-rise jeans. I feel uncomfortable. I don’t want stuff hanging out. I don’t want skin hanging over my pants. I feel really uncomfortable. Even if no one sees it, I don’t like it. So I don’t like high rise
jeans for that reason. It feels like everything is
in its place and sucked in. It’s also gonna smooth everything out around that tummy area, so again, making you in clothes look
slimmer and lump-free, which is great. When you’re looking for a
pair of high-rise jeans, I would look for nine or 10 inch rise. That is true high rise jeans. That’s the good stuff. Yeah. Next tip is you want to make sure that you’re wearing
fabrics that are forgiving. So if you’re wearing a paper-thin fabric or a fabric that is really
heavy or heavily textured that will add volume, that
is going to do the opposite of what you want it to do. If you want to look slimmer, you need to wear forgiving fabrics like
cotton, wool, ponte knits, fabrics with spandex that
have stretch in them. Denim is wonderful and forgiving,
and sucks everything in. It has to have some
heft and structure to it to really kind of… (sucking noise) If it’s paper thin, you’re gonna see every little lump and bump. It just doesn’t look good. So fabric choice is a big deal when it comes to looking slimmer. Behold the power of the dark wash jean. Dark wash jeans are very slimming and elongating and certainly one of those wardrobe must-haves
that I always talk about in my wardrobe basics. By the way, if you don’t have
a wardrobe basics checklist, all you have to do is subscribe
to my weekly newsletter and you will get two free
wardrobe basics checklist for spring/summer and fall/winter. Dark wash jeans are definitely on those wardrobe basics checklist,
and they’re a must because they are so versatile
and they go with everything, but then they also make
you look super slim. You can dress them up, dress them down. You can even wear them
business casual Friday. Finding the right pair of
dark wash jeans is critical. I would look for the high-rise pair. I would look for a pair
that’s really dark wash. You don’t want the kind that like the dye is gonna come off on your fingers, but a really dark blue,
not a lot of fading or whiskering in the front. No distressing. You just want a real
clean, dark wash pair. You want small, high pockets in the back that’s gonna lift your
bum and minimize your bum. You just keep it really sleek
and minimal and classic, and those are gonna be really
elongating and slimming. The next tip is to wear heels. I know, you already know, but you’re going to look taller, you’re going to look slimmer. Specifically when you
wear pointed toe heels, you’re gonna look a
little taller and slimmer, and then if you wear a skinny heel, it’s even more elongating and slimming. If you want to do a skirt or a dress with no tights, and you’re
not wearing trousers, then I would highly recommend doing a nude heel,
because that will blend in with the color of your leg an also make you look longer and taller. So I love in the summer and the spring to do a nude heel, blends
in with my skin tone, makes my legs look longer,
makes me look taller. It’s just awesome. Next tip is to try a faux tan. Do you remember when Britney Spears airbrushed her abs, I
think it was for the VMAs? It worked. Like, she looked like
she had a false six-pack, even though we knew that
she had airbrushed them in. But you can do that. If you have a big special
occasion coming up or you’re going on vacation, go to somebody that does a spray tan and say, you know, contour my muscles so they look more defined, or contour my stomach
so it looks more muscly. Contour my legs so they look slimmer. A tan will definitely make you
look slimmer and more toned. Necklines do make a difference, especially a V neckline or scoop neckline. Those are going to minimize the bust. They’re going to elongate the upper body. They also draw the eye up
and away from the lower body, so if the lower body is your problem then you do want to think
about showing a little skin or having a neckline up top that does draw the eye up and away from your lower body. Think about the neckline you’re wearing. When you want to look
a little bit slimmer, you want to look your best, especially if you want
to minimize the bust, V or scoop necks are your friend. And the last tip is to wear dark colors, like black and gray and navy
and charcoal and burgundy. Those colors are gonna
be the most slimming. There’s a reason why
the little black dress is one of those staples that
we all have in our closet and why French women all wear black. It’s because it works. It’s so sophisticated,
and it’s so slimming, and it’s so chic. Other little things are your jewelry. You can place your jewelry in places where you want the eye to go, so if you want the eye
to go up to your face, away from anything down here, wear a beautiful pair
of statement earrings, wear a great necklace. If you want your upper
body to look longer, you can wear a longer pendant necklace. There are ways that you
can also use accessories, especially jewelry, to make yourself look a little bit slimmer as well. I hope that was helpful to you guys. Do let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Pop over to the blog, Make sure you subscribe to that newsletter so you get those free
wardrobe basics checklists, and also a look book full
of beauty and style tips. And thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys next time. Bye. (mellow hip hop music)


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