Surprise appearance of the ‘National Treasure’ actors Ryeowon+Sooyoung! | Insta Famous Lives EP.01-1

(Influencer) (An influential person
who has many followers on social media) (Social media celebs’
no-filter lives began in season 1) Hello, I’m Jung Ryeowon. (Ryeowon, Seowoo, Sooyoung, and more!
Real hot celebs will be appearing) I feel like a Parisian. (Season 2 will fascinate you
with even more captivating content) (Here are some things
that will make season 2 even more fun!) (A beautiful woman
who wants to be even more beautiful) (The main host of season 2:
Seo Sookyung) (Stylist to the top celebrities) (Celebrities that she has styled:
SEVENTEEN) (Girls’ Generation) (Gugudan) (Go Ara, Lee Minjung,
Heopop, Jung Hyeyoung) (Key, Soyou, THE BOYZ) (VIXX, AKMU) (She’s an influencer
and a star in her own right) Celebrities that I’m close with
have a lot of followers. Sooyoung has 5 million followers. – Taeyeon has 10 million.
– That’s right. I can’t even compare to them. My goal is to have
one million followers. (Seo Sookyung’s
‘Reach One Million Followers’ project) You know the influencers
on social media. How do they take
such great photos? And how do they make themselves
so attractive on social media? People find me charming
when they meet me in person. I don’t think I look
that attractive on social media. I really want to learn
how to take great pictures. (Learn how influencers
take great pictures) I’m terrible at taking selfies. (#Proof That She Can’t Take
Selfies1) (#Proof That She Can’t Take
Selfies22) (#Proof That She Can’t Take
Selfies333) (#Proof That She Can’t Take
Selfies4444) (But with the help
of influencers…) (Wow! I didn’t know
that you were this pretty) (She will learn to take
great pictures) What part of your private life
do you want to share first? It has to be the time
I spent in Paris. (She was invited as a celebrity
to the 2020 S/S Paris Fashion Week) (Fashion weeks are held
in Paris, Milan, London, New York) (A chance to see celebs
and luxury fashion from around the world) (Oh my gosh, Paris!) (But?) (She forgot to bring
her camera to Paris) (So, that’s our camera, right?) (It is indeed)
(Can you check, please?) (Please tell me
it isn’t the Insta Famous Lives camera) (She didn’t take it.
I can’t reach her because she’s flying) (Can we send the camera
by express mail to Paris?) (We’ll buy a camera in Paris
if we can find a camera store) (She bought a camera
right after she landed in Paris) (We love you Sookyung
-Production team) I never could have imagined
I would buy a new camera in Paris. Unbelievable. With this new camera that I bought I will record my aspirational lifestyle… I will record my aspirational lifestyle
in Paris. Bye. (Insta Famous Lives) It’s noon in Paris right now. I will show you where I am. Ta-da! (French luxury fashion brand,
Givenchy) It’s located in Saint-Honor. I’m going to their fashion show
this evening. So, before I go to the show… I did bring
some of their clothes, but you never know. They might have
something prettier in there. And it’s a bit cheaper
to buy their clothes in Paris. (The real reason she came here:
Shopping) I brought Sooyoung with me. (Style-boss Sookyung’s
real best friend) (Sookyung posts a lot of photos
with Sooyoung on Instagram) (Sooyoung will accompany Sookyung
in Paris) (The amazingly beautiful actor:
Sooyoung) (Sooyoung is filming Sookyung) Sooyoung. I can just wear this.
Don’t you think? (Standing on her toes) You’re very different. Different? How? This is perfect for me. Which ones did you look at? – I looked at all of them.
– You did? Which one are you getting? Oh my gosh.
This is the jacket that… Sooyoung wore this jacket
at the airport a few days ago. This is the ‘Choi Sooyoung jacket.’ Oh my god. (Sookyung, we need to see your face too,
not just the clothes) It has a belt. (Shopping tip 1: Check the price
when you find something you like) (Shopping tip 2: If the price tag
is reasonable, get overexcited) (Shopping tip 3: Get confirmation
from Sooyoung) (Sooyoung, please tell me to buy it) What’s with that face? Put it back. (Continues searching
to get an OK from Sooyoung) (Finally, a thumbs up
from Sooyoung) It’s really nice, right? (I love it) – Should I get this one?
– It’s so pretty. – Sooyoung, today…
– Move your arms a bit. I’ll do everything for you today. Shake your arms
so we can see them glisten. Ma’am, don’t move. (Sorry) You look awkward
with your arms like that. (Sooyoung is documenting
her best friend’s embarrassing moment) (Going to see the fashion show
in her new outfit) (The fashion show of a luxury brand
that represents France) (Celebrities from all over the world
are invited) (Sookyung’s best friend,
Sooyoung, is invited too) Oh, I wanted to wear that. (The camera suddenly turns off) (The camera is turned back on) (three hours later) (Why are we seeing
the Eiffel Tower all of a sudden?) The Eiffel Tower is so sparkly! (Can you please explain
what’s going on?) Something unbelievable happened. About five minutes
before the show started the battery on my camera died. How could this happen? (Battery died, the image is out of focus
and the production team had a meltdown) Sooyoung, what did you think
of the fashion show? Everything was so pretty. – They were really pretty.
– Yes. What’s it like to dress up and take photos
in front of the Eiffel Tower? I feel like a Parisian. We’ll have fun
while we’re in Paris. Bye! (Glimpses into the fashion show
on Sooyoung’s Instagram) (Will they be able to successfully complete
their schedule in Paris?) (#Paris Fashion Week
With Actor Sooyoung) (#Exclusively On Insta Famous Lives 2) (Insta Famous Lives 2) Hello. – Hi.
– How are you? I’m doing well. (Hair artist to Korean female actors:
Soonchul) (Kim Hyesoo, Ryeowon, Kim Okbin,
Kim Yoonjin, Sung Yuri and more) (Hair stylist to the top celebrities) (He is friends with many celebrities) (Interviews with Soonchul+Actors) What’s on your agenda today? Today… First of all… (Should I tell her?) Many celebrities
will come to my salon. – Who’s coming?
– Why do you ask? Tell me. Give me a hint. Are they male or female? It’s a secret. (Who will visit Soonchul’s salon
for Insta Famous Lives?) What should I do for my video? Film yourself
styling celebrities’ hair. You can share tips
on how to style your hair. – Is it done?
– Yes. You did a good job
with my makeup. (Insta Famous Lives 2) The celebrity is out of makeup
and is coming up now. I’ll greet them at the elevator. (Who is it?) (We’re so excited) (Show us now) (Wow, it’s Ryeowon) (She kindly came for the first episode
of Insta Famous Lives 2) (They often post photos of them together
on Instagram) (Soonchul does
all of Ryeowon’s hairstyling) (They have been best friends
for 20 years) (The goddess is here) – What’s this?
– It’s a selfie. Hello. It’s Actor Jung. (Her presence alone
brightens up the mood) She’s beautiful, isn’t she? – You’re always pretty.
– Really? – Always.
– Really? – Always.
– Really? Sit down. What’s this? It’s a selfie camera. – People use this camera a lot.
– Yes. – You have to wear a microphone.
– A microphone? (Thinking for a moment
while holding the microphone) Can’t I just hold it like this? Hello, I’m Jung Ryeowon. – How was that?
– That was really good. – You can do that.
– Yes. Do what you want. He does my hair so well. He has the best hair straightening skills
in Korea. Just with the hair straightener. He does it so effortlessly and fast
but the end result is excellent. That’s right. (He’s showing off his skills) (Finishing it off using a hairdryer) Can you do the same to this side? – But don’t make it curl too much.
– Just a little bit? (She likes her hair
to look natural) – Who’s the MC?
– I don’t know. – I don’t think there is one.
– There’s no MC? – There’s no MC.
– It’s just specialists? As far as I know. – So, you’re hot these days?
– As a hair stylist. You have a cool personality
but you’re hot as a hair stylist. That’s right. All done.
I’ll just apply some oil. I was going to wear my hair
like this today. – It looks nice.
– Right? – You’re having photos taken today, right?
– Yes. Then, wear it like that. But don’t make it too tidy. – Wearing it on one side is…
– It’s better, right? I’ll put a bit more curl here. – No, no.
– No? – You want it to look natural?
– Yes, this is perfect. (This is perfect) I have to stop
when she tells me to stop. (Revealing Ryeowon’s secret) If I don’t stop, she will tell me off. If I style my hair too much… – it doesn’t suit me.
– You don’t like that. That’s true. All done. What do you think? – I always love it.
– Yes. What else can I say? I’ve been coming to you
for 20 years for a reason. (They’ve been working together
since she first started out) (He would style her hair differently
according to the role and concept) (They’ve been best friends forever
for 20 years) (They know each other so well) We have to say aspirational things
about each other. What quality do I have
that you admire? Your ability to multi-task. You’re good at it. – I do many things at once.
– I find it fascinating. I find your innate sense of style
aspirational. My innate sense. – And…
– Elaborate. Actually… Elaborate on my innate sense. I had zero interest in paintings. – That’s right.
– I had zero interest. – It’s fun, right?
– It’s really interesting. – See?
– Now I go to galleries. You have a great sense
of style and art. Thanks. We have to look at the posts
that went viral on Instagram. Why is he so eager
to move on to the next thing? That’s a rapid development. – I don’t want you to be late.
– Yeah. I think this one is the best. – It attracted a lot of attention.
– Yes. When it was uploaded,
people went crazy for it. – You’re covering the camera.
– I am? (Let us see her pretty face) You have your back to that camera and you were covering this one
with your hands. It attracted a lot of attention
on Instagram. Do we have to keep it a secret
to ourselves? Can we show it to other people? (Thank you, Ryeowon) This video went viral
on Instagram. It was crazy, right? I just took the video for fun. Everyone said you looked beautiful. Honestly, I like all of them. (Which Instagram post
is her favorite?) Which is the best one? The best one?
This one. (Which photo of herself
does she like the best?) – Oh, Coachella.
– Coachella. – Coachella.
– When I went to Coachella… I had bought a dress
with a low-cut back. But I hadn’t had the chance to wear it
for two years. I wanted to take a picture
from the side in that dress. My stylist took this photo
and I uploaded it because I loved it. And it had the most likes. – It’s a great picture.
– Yes. You have a beautiful back. – Let’s take a selfie.
– A selfie. Don’t use the app
that’s perfect for your face. – I have to use that one.
– I want to look good too. (LOL) – All right.
– You know me. You can take the photo
since you have long arms. – I’ll stand at the back.
– OK, go back. (Ryeowon is being nice
to her best friend) (Ryeowon’s aspirational selfie) (#Ryeowon’s Interview Was Too
Short #Come Back Next Time) (#Relay Interview With Actors
#Who’s Next?)


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