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Fashion ASMR / Распаковка подарков на День Рождения / Гоша Карцев

Thanks. It’s too sweet. Hi. Hello, how are you? Hi, everyone. This is Gosha Kartsev channel. And who am I? That’s right, I’m Gosha Kartsev. It’s my birthday today. And we’re unpacking my presents together. This is fashion ASMR unpacking presents. Po-po-po. Happy birthday! Is there a present? I’ll give away some of the presents,

Simone Rocha модная осень 2019 зима 2020 в Лондоне / Одежда, обувь, сумки

Hello. My name is Natalya. Welcome to my channel. And we have with you today, my dear viewers will another review. At London Fashion Week gathered audience new fall winter collection 2019/2020 introduced fashionable House Simone Rocha. This time the fashion line looked like from a famous brand more restrained compared with past seasons and

Elie Tahari Модная осень-зима 2019/2020 в Нью Йорке / Показ одежды, аксессуары

Hello. My name is Natalya. Welcome to my channel. Today we will see new fall winter collection 2019/2020 from Elie Fashion House Tahari presented at New York Fashion Week. Popular american brand named after its founder already 45 years pleases its fans exceptionally high quality modern, elegant, and most importantly wearable clothes. In his new

Boss Модная осень-зима 2019/2020 в Нью-Йорке / Показ женская одежда, аксессуары

Hello. My name is Natalya. Welcome to my channel. On the last day of the week New York Fashion fall-winter 2019/2020 collection introduced the German brand BOSS Source of inspiration and the main starting point fashion show has become directly the city itself is dynamic, modern with many galleries and creative centers. New York here

Во что одета главный редактор VOGUE / Сколько стоит шмот на Moscow Fashion Summit / Улица Карцева

“WC, yay!” That’s what you can hear from those who have come to the fashion summit. I have deja vu, I hope so do you. I don’t see the difference. The event is quite the same. No entrance fee. It’s been organised by Ksenia Sobchak. Let’s see who’s here today. Next time, could she invite

What do I think about FASHION? CLOTHES + vocabulary | dialogues

Clothes In the clothing shop. Dialogue. Customer: Good morning! Shop assistant: Good morning! What can I help you with? Customer: I would like to buy a shirt and a sweater for my son to wear at school. Do you have anything? Shop assistant: Sure! What size and what colour would you like? Customer: Size 38, white, blue or light-blue; the same for the sweater. Shop assistant: Ok, we have some models, try them on. Customer: Oh, this colour and