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‘Faux’ boom in the global fashion industry

with grooming attention paid to animal welfare more people are favoring fall fur as an ethical alternative in line with this phenomenon retailers are stepping up efforts to produce more eco-friendly clothing including outfits made from recycled plastics kim daehee fills us in on this trend customers browse through winter clothes trying to find the

[K Today] IZONE & X1 visit to fashion week! (아이즈원&엑스원, 대세 아이돌의 패션위크 나들이)

The festival for the Fashion People, 2020 S/S Seoul Fashion Week finished last week. Among the many celebrities, the hottest idol IZ*ONE and X1 had caught everyone’s attention. On the past 16th, IZ*ONE has shown their selves at an official event after a while! IZ*ONE member Sakura, Lee Chae-yeon, Kang Hye-won, and Kim Min-joo has