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Hi, great we meet today! But not in New York, Rio or Tokyo. But in my hometown, Dresden! Where dancers from many nations, compete in the dance battle of their lifes. classical Ballet vs brazilian passinho, who meet contemporary dance, and are mixed up with urban Breakdance  to blend into a firework! welcome to I

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff Swartz, I’m the medical director at Falcon Health Center. So I’ve been in practice for a long time and I’ve noticed over the years that so many chronic diseases that we have out here are caused by inflammatory processes and I’ve discovered through my study as well as taking care of

Clothes to Pack for a Cruise

Cruises are a chic and fun way to get away from it all for a few days but what is a girl to wear on the seas of high adventure? Well you don’t have to worry because fashion and lifestyle expert Alison Deyette is here and today with her we have our beautiful staff members