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The Try Guys Try Cosplay Fashion

– [both] Hi! We’re half of the Try Guys. – Ned and Zach are gone. – They’re not dead. – They’re just not here. They’re with their families for the holiday weekend. So Eugene and I thought, “Hey, we got some days, let’s go to the Anime Expo “and just see what it’s all about!”

We Style Booty Shorts For A Day

short shorts are the final frontier for your butt I’m a seasoned booty short pro and I am not will I be able to convert Kristen to the cause nope it’s ladylike and we’re wearing booty shorts below tell me about your illustrious history as a booty short agra fur okay Freddy and booty Shores

We Got Custom Ear Piercings

– You’ll feel some pressure here. Cool. (upbeat music) – So we are about to head to Brooklyn and go get Curated Piercings. They call them Constellation Piercings. This means that they’re going to like look at our ear and like figure out specific piercings for like what fits our ear. It makes me a

We Styled Ryan & Shane • Ladylike

– There’s nothing spookier than a makeover. – Especially when your closet is 50% basketball shorts. – It’s Ladylike and we’re styling Ryan and Shane. (light music) – Oh. (laughs) – They’re here. – Oh, it’s the we’re here now. (beeping) I’m Ryan. – I’m Shane. – Hey. (suspenseful music) BuzzFeed Unsolved, starring amateur detectives