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How I Saved Paris Fashion Week

We made it to the airport open vlog the house down vlog the house down bonjour b*tch today we’re going to Tunisia I’m going to pick up pieces for the next menswear show of Y/Project I cannot wait I love how people are staring at me when I’m like recording just randomly gonna pass the

Fashion Redux – Alpha60

We were so excited when we got the opportunity come to the archives at the Melbourne Museum because it’s got such a vast array of history and so many pieces. We actually didn’t realise even how big it was. Yes, and it was quite overwhelming walking in here today, and it’s just super exciting for

How To Style Elegant All Ways

Hi everybody, I am here to introduce to you the 2019 elegant collection, Elegant ALL WAYS we have models here in every size range as well as Wearing all of the different pieces and they’re gonna take you through and walk you through how the pieces fit how they look how they feel and I