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– What’s going on, guys? (hard rock music) Junior with Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. As y’all know, we are known for selling aftermarket wheels and tires for your truck. Well, today I’m here to tell you the history that has led up to the current trends you see in the trucks seen today

The Best Truck Wheels of 2020

– Hey guys, I’m Shawn. – And I’m Junior! – And we’re coming at you with our predictions for the hottest and the newest 20 wheels for 2020. Let’s go! (upbeat hip hop music) (popping, upbeat hip hop music) (whooshing) – So for number 20, what we got for you guys is the Hostile Jigsaw.


– Hey, guys, it’s Shawn, and we’ve got a deal for you guys. If you buy wheel and tires and some suspension, we’re gonna come by and pay for a lucky few for your local shop to do the install. Up to $1000, you’ve gotta buy in the next 36 hours. When the ball drops

Midwest Truck Guys

– Oh yeah, just another beautiful day in Wisconsin. (upbeat funky music) It’s not even sleeting that bad today. Whoo, yes please. Oh yeah, the ole four way stop. – Well, what’s this guy doing? Oh, oh. – Go ahead. – No, no you go. – No you go. – No you go. – Oh,

Reviewing Youtuber’s Trucks!!

– What’s going on guys, Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on YouTube. We have a video for you. – With Junior. – Oh yeah, I forgot about you sorry. – Nothing new man. We are gonna rate some YouTubers’ trucks. So Keaton went ahead, sent me a whole bunch of links to

What is the Best 7 Inch Lift?

– We’re back and we’ve got another highly requested video and this time we’re going to be going over what the best seven inch lift kit is and how to choose the best lift kit for your trucks. So, I’m Fuller from Custom Offsets and for the last couple of years, if you don’t know

REACTING to the NEW Tesla CyberTruck

– What’s going on guys? It’s Fuller from Custom Offsets with Junior here, and you’ve probably seen it on the internet already, Tesla introduced their cyber truck, and so I saw a couple videos in a couple graphics, and a couple memes already– – [Junior] You know, I woke up this morning, right? – [Fuller]

Nitto VS Toyo || Battle of the Hybrids

– What’s goin’ on guys, Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube, and today we’re bringing you a very highly anticipated video. So we’re comparing two of, probably the most popular hybrid tires on the market, we actually did a full comparison between all of our favorites that we offer on