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BSA Fashion Show: Behind the Decades

What’s up Western Denice Pepe here with Western TV and today we’re checking out the BSA Fashion Show. Apparently I’m expecting to see a lot of neon, a lot of bell bottoms and maybe some dance moves. Let’s go check it out. My name is Angie Antonio and I’m events coordinator this year. All right,

“Ew!” with John Cena

[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -Hi, everyone! Welcome to “Ew!” I’m Sara, and if you’re wondering, that’s S-A-R-A with no H, ’cause H’s are ew! [ Laughter ] Joining us today is one of my BFFs. She moved away, like, three years ago, but now she’s transferring back to our school district. Look at

WHO RUINED my SOUP SONG! cheFGTEEV Minecraft Style Music Video (Part 1) +DANCE Challenge

♫I’m in the kitchen♫ ♫Cheffing up dishes♫ ♫Today we use a rabbit♫ ♫It’s next up to chicken♫ 🎶gotta have it ♫Give it a little bit of radish♫ ♫Toss it in the stew,♫ ♫Included with an ounce or two of carrots.♫♫ ♫We got potatoes,♫ ♫I chop tomatoes.♫ ♫Add salt and queso,♫ ♫Bueno!♫ ♫Yep, you know this


Now it’s time to start the super show cool Russian roulette you can feel the risk in Chance is low grades , six bullets a ring Now it’s time to start the super show, ha-ha Roller coasters with no seat belts Hold on to your partner never depend Feel our style Feel the Russian style