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Museum at FIT: Eco Fashion – Repurposed Garments

Awareness of environmental issues is found in a variety of disciplines, including fashion. Designers such as Malian-born Lamine Kouyaté of the Parisian label Xuly.Bët and Belgian designer, Martin Margiela, are both featured in The Museum at FIT’s exhibition, “Eco-Fashion: Going Green.” During the early 1990s, consumer awareness of recycling increased as many households, whether voluntarily


-My name is Patrick McDowell. -My name is Natalie Zipfl. -Hi, I’m Joshua James Small. -Hi, I’m Cecily. -Hi, I’m Chekki. -I’m Laura Frandsen. -And I’m a sustainable fashion designer. -I’m a sustainable fashion designer. -And I’m a sustainably conscious designer. -I make handmade and ethical fashion. -I’m a fashion writer specialising in sustainability. -And

Global Sustainable Fashion Week

Nowadays fashion is one of the most determining part of our lifestyle. A unique style can describe the wearer. because the clothes make the man. But, you are not allowed to forget your environment! Be fashionable! Be green! Be prepared, for the latest proposal! Do not miss the chance, to take part in the first