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Kalen Reacts: European Fashion Show

Hey, Kalen. How you doing? I’m good. How are you? I’m wonderful, baby. I’m here with you. Yeah, I want to make it simple for you. So there’s three buttons up there. There’s a on-button for the music. There’s an off-button for the music. And then there’s a mystery button. And I don’t want you

Global Sustainable Fashion Week

Nowadays fashion is one of the most determining part of our lifestyle. A unique style can describe the wearer. because the clothes make the man. But, you are not allowed to forget your environment! Be fashionable! Be green! Be prepared, for the latest proposal! Do not miss the chance, to take part in the first


Hey everybody it’s Damon, It’s Jo and it’s Damon and Jo We’re at New York Fashion Week People are going to think I’m paparazzi like with all these cameras We’re taking you with us today ok? – So many beautiful girls! So many beautiful people. So stylish! It’s crazy! Beautiful personalities, Beautiful people! Girls..100% –