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– Hey, guys, it’s Shawn, and we’ve got a deal for you guys. If you buy wheel and tires and some suspension, we’re gonna come by and pay for a lucky few for your local shop to do the install. Up to $1000, you’ve gotta buy in the next 36 hours. When the ball drops

Midwest Truck Guys

– Oh yeah, just another beautiful day in Wisconsin. (upbeat funky music) It’s not even sleeting that bad today. Whoo, yes please. Oh yeah, the ole four way stop. – Well, what’s this guy doing? Oh, oh. – Go ahead. – No, no you go. – No you go. – No you go. – Oh,

Reviewing Youtuber’s Trucks!!

– What’s going on guys, Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on YouTube. We have a video for you. – With Junior. – Oh yeah, I forgot about you sorry. – Nothing new man. We are gonna rate some YouTubers’ trucks. So Keaton went ahead, sent me a whole bunch of links to