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Worth Every Penny – 12 Expensive Products For Men That Are Worth Their Money – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we will discuss twelve expensive products that are worth their money. I’ve had all these products for years and because of that, I know they are worth it. In this list, all those things that are either downright expensive or things that are relatively expensive compared

How to make awesome slippers! Handmade fashion week ideas.

Well fucking hello! Danny here and today we gonna make ‘the-coolest-motherfucking-slippers-ever’! To make ‘the-coolest-motherfucking-slippers-ever’ you will need: To go to the store and buy the most fucking awesome beer. Two bottles! Fucking done! Drink it with your lads! Next, you will fucking need a rope. Where to find it? I don’t fucking know, just fucking