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Beautiful Scandinavian Style Homes

Here, you can find almost thirty Scandinavian-inspired design and decorating ideas for a magnificent home interior or home exterior. Bright, spacious home interiors with white walls and a minimalist look. Large and wide windows let plenty of natural light to get inside. Many of these fabulous clean and neat home interiors have white floors. The

Comparing Chalk Style Paint to Milk Paint

In response to market demand, General Finishes has developed Chalk Style Paint to complement our milk paint line. Both paints are compatible with each other and can be intermixed or layered. Research among our customer base told us you want a quality matte paint with moderate wet distressing properties at a lower price. With these

How to Make CHEAP Custom Keycaps!

Custom keycaps. These are a huge part of the enthusiast mechanical keyboard community, as they really do allow you to personalise and give your keyboard the character that you want, as they do take up pretty much all of the visible surface area. However, they can carry a hefty price tag, especially if you’re looking