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IT CHAPTER TWO – Final Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪Something happens to you when you leave this town.The farther away the hazier it all gets.But me…I never left.I remember all of it.Help me! Help me! [Laughing] To the losers. We made an oath.Swear?If it isn’t dead…if it ever comes back…we’ll come back too.We didn’t stop it. Pennywise.The clown.[Laughing]We can’t let it happen again.Hello? Kid?

Bad Movie Review: Prime Evil

Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World. ‘What are we talking? Evil priests, devil worship, human sacrifice?’ Prime Evil is one of the very few films that we’ve reviewed directed by a woman, Roberta Findlay, who spent most of her career in adult films. ‘I bet you’ve never seen one this big