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Psoriatic Arthritis – Lifestyle Options | Johns Hopkins Medicine

(reflective music) – Maintaining an ideal body weight is absolutely essential for psoriatic arthritis both for controlling disease activity, needing less treatment for psoriatic arthritis, for mitigating the increased cardiovascular risk, the risk of fatty liver disease. Just very important. (reflective music) Eating a healthy diet is very important in general. And that is beneficial

Polymyositis – Lifestyle Options

(peaceful string music) – So I think lifestyle options again, not specific necessarily to polymyositis, but certainly including it, is that often these effect the people in the prime of their life. And so, lifestyle becomes one of self care. Frequently, people who are working jobs with stressful hours, long hours, I sometimes do ask

Lifestyle Changes After Breast Cancer

[MUSIC] Talk a little bit about life style changes after diagnosis, after treatment is done. Things like, that you may have decided to partake in. Exercise changes, diet changes. Things that you found that have been helpful as a survivor.>>I felt that I was doing everything right. I felt as if I had, my family