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Surprise appearance of the ‘National Treasure’ actors Ryeowon+Sooyoung! | Insta Famous Lives EP.01-1

(Influencer) (An influential person who has many followers on social media) (Social media celebs’ no-filter lives began in season 1) Hello, I’m Jung Ryeowon. (Ryeowon, Seowoo, Sooyoung, and more! Real hot celebs will be appearing) I feel like a Parisian. (Season 2 will fascinate you with even more captivating content) (Here are some things that

[M2 Special – ITZY VLOG] Ep.2 있지, Welcome to Paris✨ l 사전 피팅 / Fashion show day / 파리의 밤 (ENG SUB)

(FRANCE) (The city of arts and romance, PARIS) (Bonjour) (ITZY has arrived) (Paris-Charles De Gaulle) (ITZY has been invited to a fashion show in Paris) The fans have welcomed us here Thank you (Global MIDZY welcomes ITZY) (So moving) Thank you (ITZY exits the airport with the fans’ cheering) (Yuna’s heart towards her fans) (Thanks


♪ (ragtime music) ♪ (Intro to Gangnam Style plays) Oppan Gangnam Style! Oh, I like Psy– he’s, um… [snaps fingers] Psycho! Psyche! Psyche? Psy! [laughing] Oh, I know what this one is! But I’ve never watched any of it. Ooh, look at that boy dance. Woo! He can get down, babe! Gotta like the horses.