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Best Thrift Finds of 2019

hi everyone my name is Tyler aka Thrifts and Tangless today I wanted to sit down and share my favorite thrift finds from the Year 2019 and I also wanted to wish you all a happy 2020 I hope you’re off to a great start this year and yeah let’s just get into the best

Stud & Femme Switch Styles //

*giggles* have you ever seen me do my intro? yeah first time we – it’s really awkward hello, my beautiful people! what is up? it’s keara and sarah! my girl-girl and today we’re gonna be doing a really fun video so basically on instagram, we posted these photos of us dressed up in each others’

Altering Clothes w/ Pleats

Face the camera? Face the camera. Hello internet! Hello internet. Hey guys? Hey internet? Yeah, hello. Okay. Hello internet! Today we are trying to learn how to sew pleats, its a method I wanted all of us to explore today because I use it a lot when I’m trying to upcycle thrifted clothing and I

We Style Slip Dresses! (Style 3 Way)

– This is the one time where– – Classic. – We all look like we’re going to the same event. – What’s wrong with you people? – I love it! – I love it, too. – I said don’t look! (upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome back to Clevver Style. – Hi! Okay, today’s extra-special