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Welcome to Lifestyle with Isabella

He did get on the table. Oh my gosh! Wondering whether I should dare to even wish it. Anything. Lifestyle with Isabella. Hi, how are you? Welcome to my YouTube channel. Come on in. Hello, I’m Isabella. Welcome to my YouTube channel. In this video, I will introduce myself and explain why I’m starting a

How To Look Elegant At Home

Ladies, stop with a habit of wearing your ugliest clothes just because you are home. Instead, I want you to look like this. My dear elegant ladies, welcome back to another video. Today, I have a highly requested video for you. I know you want to know how to look elegant at home and considering

Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Supply Chains (Cecilia Castelli)

Hello everybody! The goal of this lecture is making you envisage the radical transformation that would derive on Fashion Supply Chains from the use of Data Management technologies and, in particular, of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence (known as AI) is everywhere, and is impacting both consumers behavior and business models. It represents the forthcoming revolution