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트렌치코트 코디 4가지(Eng sub) / Fashion Lookbook, Trench Coat 4 Outfit Ideas /기본템 돌려입기 / Korean Guys Outfit

Hello, I’m Gun-Ho of ‘오마갓-OMG’ Today… is it a trench coat? Since it’s spring soon, (Trench coat look) we’ve prepared 4 things! Well, I’ll show you when I wear it myself I’m dressed very comfortably today Let’s get started! Well, how did you…Are you going to see it? Did you click Subscribe? The first look

니트 코디 7가지(Eng sub) / Fashion Lookbook, Knitwear 7 Outfit Ideas /기본템 돌려입기 / Korean Guys Outfit

(MIC TEST) Hello, I’m Gun-Ho of ‘오마갓-OMG’ Today, knitwear… (Counting) I’ve prepared seven things. Is it six? First of all, I happened to wear a knit sweater to work today (to what I’m wearing) I’ll go with seven! I’ll show you as I change my clothes one by one Mmm! Good! The first look was