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Minimalism is more than just a style.

We need to renegotiate the idea of minimalism The term was originally coined in the late 1950s to describe the abstract visions of artists like Frank Stella and Carl Andre But has since been co-opted into an aesthetic that leans heavily on class privilege And the ability to choose less today I want to critique

Where are your clothes born?

This adventure began when we discovered an abandoned clothing factory, in none other than Cambodia. Ben: “Welcome to Cambodia!!” Our mission was to try to make something beautiful out of parts of clothing that had been left behind. Laura: “Too much stuff!!” One lifetime worth of clothes, but things got complicated fast. How did we

Guide to Minimalist Fashion for Men

What’s up guys? Today, we are talking about minimalist fashion for men. First, let’s go over the basic color palette. Minimalist fashion is a very simple style of fashion focusing on neutral colors that includes white, beige, Gray, navy blue and black. You’re not gonna see very many bold colors with this style. It is

How to Make CHEAP Custom Keycaps!

Custom keycaps. These are a huge part of the enthusiast mechanical keyboard community, as they really do allow you to personalise and give your keyboard the character that you want, as they do take up pretty much all of the visible surface area. However, they can carry a hefty price tag, especially if you’re looking