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New York Fashion Week, Where Cultural Appropriation Never Goes Out of Style: The Daily Show

Today is the official start of New York Fashion Week, or as New Yorkers call it, Thursday. For more, please welcome to the show our newestDaily Show correspondent, Dulcé Sloan, everybody! (cheers and applause) What’s going on, Dulcé? Hey. Thanks, Trevor. Yes, it’s Fashion Week, and while we’ll see some new looks, some things will

Ellen Talks All Things Fashion

That’s right, I completely forgot, we flew an entire audience from New York.>>[LAUGH] >>Welcome to Los Angeles, where we have beautiful weather, beautiful celebrities, and terrible bagels, I’m sorry.>>[LAUGH] >>Not gonna compete with you on that. One thing I love about New Yorkers is that you’re very, very fashion savvy.>>[LAUGH] >>I go to New York,


Hey everybody it’s Damon, It’s Jo and it’s Damon and Jo We’re at New York Fashion Week People are going to think I’m paparazzi like with all these cameras We’re taking you with us today ok? – So many beautiful girls! So many beautiful people. So stylish! It’s crazy! Beautiful personalities, Beautiful people! Girls..100% –