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A Very Cozy Lookbook 🧸🌾

This first look is super casual I kind of organized this lookbook from casual to chic No voiceover since a viewer asked for a no voiceover lookbook last time to enjoy the music better 🙂 It made it a little bit easier to edit and I don’t think the outfits need much explanation anyways! I’m

color matching clothes

the other day I posted something saying that if you have trouble matching your outfits as far as color goes to try and match your skin tone your eye color in your hair color and what I was trying to say is that if you were to take your eye color for example and match

ZARA Clothing Haul 2019

Hi guys, it’s Kelsey in Kendra And today we’re going to be doing a Zara clothing haul this is basically a hybrid of both of the seasons fall in winter Because it’s starting to get really cold, but it’s technically still fall. So we’re not going to put a season on it It’s just a