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Comparing Chalk Style Paint to Milk Paint

In response to market demand, General Finishes has developed Chalk Style Paint to complement our milk paint line. Both paints are compatible with each other and can be intermixed or layered. Research among our customer base told us you want a quality matte paint with moderate wet distressing properties at a lower price. With these

How to Get Paint Out of Carpet & Clothes

How to Get Paint out of Carpet and Clothes. The occasional paint splatter often winds up on your clothes or carpet. Here’s how you can minimize the damage and salvage your carpet and clothing. You will need Bucket Water Liquid detergent Rag White vinegar Sponge Acetone Steam cleaner and commercial paint remover. Step 1. Scrape

Finding your Art Style

As you’re making art and looking at a lot of different artists out there, eventually one question will come to mind: What should my art style be? All the other artists out there, they have their own distinct styles but what about me? My art looks like this. What I do with this? I mean