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Custom Painting Vans! 🎨

Hey guys! Remember when I custom painted some converse? Yeah, that’s right — *footwear avalanche* Point being, it was really fun… so we’re gonna do it again… Except with Vans! And I love Vans. Both of these shoes are like… my babies! *chuckles* So let’s just hop into this and get started, because.. yeah… Look

Custom Painting my iPhone…

Today, we’re gonna custom paint an iPhone. Ok, so Hello? [Minty]: Hey girl, what are you doing? Yeah, so I’m about to paint my phone. Oh.. So I’m just gonna yeah, I’m gonna put this down. Uh, okay, I guess I’ll just like call you back then. Yeah… right… Who even – who even does

Car wheel changes color / Custom paint method part2 / It ’s Another dimension idea / カスタムペイント

Before painting After painting Wax remover Sanding – #800 Wax remover Remove static electricity Adhesive Black Chameleon pigment Interclear 100% : Pigment 5% Mixing hardener and solvent First layer Second layer Third layer Clear coating First layer Second layer Third layer Thank you for watching See you in next video