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Paris – Fashion side – LUXE.TV

with London Milan and New York Paris is among the trendiest places in the fashion world but while Paris is today considered the capital of fashion and creation it is also and especially the capital of luxury indeed the biggest names of Utku – fashion and fine jewelry have a spot on the block whether

What do these Celebs say about Fall / Winter Fashion Trends 2019/2020? | Fashion Week Paris 2019

Fashion Week in Paris draws the world’s leading fashionistas along with plenty of stars and trendsetters, wearing the hottest of looks. Actress Jennifer Lawrence managed to look both romantic and like a tough rocker. Floaty girly dresses plus chunky boots are in — a mix of masculine and feminine elements — says fashion journalist Vix

Pauline Darley shoots fashion in Paris

It’s always different. Every shoot that you make will be different. You can never rely on what you think you know. Because no setting will be the same as before. Because the people change, the mood changes, the location changes. And in a professional’s work, consistency is everything. I have to have the same light,

Clothes Closet Parisian Style

Many have assumed, since I’ve been living in Paris, that I spend lots of time clothes shopping. It’s not true. In fact since I began clothes shopping in a Parisian kind of way, it takes less time yet I’m much more ready with outfits for any event. Why? I’ve made two Parisian-style changes to the