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Review – The Five-Star Lifestyle

Hey, Dad. I have a really exciting idea, okay? You seem pretty lonely in here, and something pretty exciting is going on just across the road over there. Uh… Dad, don’t you want to lead a five-star life? Yeah, um…I am worried. You know, worried is not the right word. I’m wondering… slash worried that


*clap 1* *clap 2* Fashion Review that’s right that’s what this channel needs right now a top ten list FINALLY *giggles* A top ten list of something I know barely anything about that’ll do it that’ll get them watching So, I wanted to make another video on fashion but specifically “fashion memes” and I had

Bad Movie Review: Prime Evil

Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World. ‘What are we talking? Evil priests, devil worship, human sacrifice?’ Prime Evil is one of the very few films that we’ve reviewed directed by a woman, Roberta Findlay, who spent most of her career in adult films. ‘I bet you’ve never seen one this big