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Hello, my friends! My name is Tatiana and today I’m going to tell you about November in Belarus. Few people like the weather in late autumn. Alexander Pushkin wrote: “The days of late autumn are usually scolded …” That is, usually people don’t like the weather in late autumn. They rightly criticize the end of

What do I think about FASHION? CLOTHES + vocabulary | dialogues

Clothes In the clothing shop. Dialogue. Customer: Good morning! Shop assistant: Good morning! What can I help you with? Customer: I would like to buy a shirt and a sweater for my son to wear at school. Do you have anything? Shop assistant: Sure! What size and what colour would you like? Customer: Size 38, white, blue or light-blue; the same for the sweater. Shop assistant: Ok, we have some models, try them on. Customer: Oh, this colour and