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Clothes Hacks with Brendan

honestly last week for the first time in my life I repaired jeans I was getting on a moto and I would like pitch them up so they wouldn’t stretch okay I bought these jeans like this ripped; just for fashion but the other jeans they’re my favourite pair and then this huge rip and

Where are your clothes born?

This adventure began when we discovered an abandoned clothing factory, in none other than Cambodia. Ben: “Welcome to Cambodia!!” Our mission was to try to make something beautiful out of parts of clothing that had been left behind. Laura: “Too much stuff!!” One lifetime worth of clothes, but things got complicated fast. How did we

Slow Fashion | Wearing Clothes for 10yrs | No more Fast Fashion | 슬로우 패션, 겨울옷 기본템으로 10년입기

Welcome to Less is Fine I’ve been trying to live minimal creating as little waste as possible for many years. Wearing clothes and shoes as long as possible is obviously part of the effort. As you know, SPA brands are extremely popular these days. SPA adopts fast trend and make their clothes accordingly and release