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Marist Pre-College: Fashion Design

Welcome to the Marist Summer Pre-College Program in Fashion Design. This is a two-week program taught by Marist fashion faculty with years of industry experience. Students engage in studio classes covering the areas of design, illustration, sewing, portfolio development, and CAD technology. Outside the classroom, students will visit New York City– the center of American

BSA Fashion Show: Behind the Decades

What’s up Western Denice Pepe here with Western TV and today we’re checking out the BSA Fashion Show. Apparently I’m expecting to see a lot of neon, a lot of bell bottoms and maybe some dance moves. Let’s go check it out. My name is Angie Antonio and I’m events coordinator this year. All right,

NYC Fashion WEEK 2018 Vlog | Jordan Regini

Hi guys, my name is Jordan. I’m a senior studying fashion, dress and merchandise. I’m here at New York Fashion Week, and I’m excited to share this experience with you. This spring semester we had a competition for the end-of-the-year fashion show. We were challenged with the idea of transforming a garment while we were

Blender Tutorial: Custom Vertex Normals

hello is alex is also known as default sound and welcome to another video today I’m going to be covering a technique I came across while browsing poly count basically this user obscura obscure started this thread about custom vertex normals very interesting read and it basically asked questions about whether all poly counts are