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The Untold Truth Of Harry Styles

Harry Styles launched a massive solo career following his One Direction days, with a legion of fans who follow his every move. Though his star burns bright, Styles still exudes the charm of a smalltown English boy. How does he do it? This is the untold truth of Harry Styles. After Harry Styles performed the

Learning Styles Don’t Exist

Hi, my name is Dan Willingham. I’m a cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist, and I’m also a professor at the University of Virginia. I’m going to talk to you today about learning styles and how cognitive psychologists know….that they don’t exist Now the basic idea of learning styles seems to make a lot of sense. The

Extended DISC® Training Videos: C-Style

C styles are the most analytical of the four disc styles C’s can be perfectionist? detail-oriented and focused on facts, information And proofs C styles are comfortable working alone and are the most reserved of the four styles [C] Styles are logical, systematic, cautious and Methodical [C’s] focus on working with the existing [circumstances] to