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I Swapped Styles With My Gay BFF

– I don’t know what he’s thinking. There’s no way I’m gonna wear this for the rest of the day, no way. (upbeat Latin music) – For the next three days, my brother Gadiel and me are going to swap clothing. – Curly’s style is extravagant, it’s out there. I see a mixture of brujería,

AJ Styles’ greatest moments: WWE Top 10, Jan. 6, 2018

[MUSIC] [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>It’s the opponent, from Gainesville, Georgia, weighing in at 218 pounds, the Phenomenal AJ Styles! >>[APPLAUSE] [NOISE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>One, two, three! [SOUND] >>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE] United States Champion, AJ Styles! >>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>The bell is rung, and this is for the United States title. And AJ Styles trying to light up Dillinger. And Dillinger has got Styles

Finding your Art Style

As you’re making art and looking at a lot of different artists out there, eventually one question will come to mind: What should my art style be? All the other artists out there, they have their own distinct styles but what about me? My art looks like this. What I do with this? I mean

Word 2013: Styles

Word has a great feature called Styles that you can use to control the fonts, colors, and formatting of your document. You can use this feature to get a more professional look, and try on different looks at the click of a button. How does it work? Start by selecting or just placing your cursor