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From clothes to decoration

Hello! My name is Luisa and today I want to share with you my project: from clothes to decoration. We all own garments that may be out of fashion, stained and that we don’t want to wear it in any other way. So what should we do with those pieces? To avoid that those items

Day 6 of Spain’s lockdown

hola amigos, qué tal? Stuart from Spain Speaks with another update from Spain about the current crisis that we have here at the moment and the lockdown that has been in place for the last six days there’s been a couple of things that have happened since I last put out the video and one

I Got A Custom Black Wedding Dress

Hello friends, and welcome to another video. This week, I’m gonna be getting a custom black wedding dress. Y’all can stop tweeting me now. It’s happening! Now, as some of you might know, I am engaged, betrothed, affianced, and a few months ago we went shopping for my wedding dress and we ended up picking