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Defining Custom Types

DOUG LLOYD: So if you’ve seen our video on structures, you already know that we have the ability to define our own data types. But if you’ve used structures, you know that sometimes using those data types can actually be a little cumbersome because we have to use the struct keyword when we’re working with

4 Ways To Dress Up Your Palazzos

Palazzos are undoubtedly a closet basic. Having said that we tend to undermine this incredibly versatile piece of clothing and restrict its styling only with casual tops, t-shirts or kurtas. Today, I’m here to show how you can dress up your Palazzos & create 4 stunning, unique yet totally wearable looks, so let’s get right

How to dress in layers? | Salomon How-To

When you practise outdoor sports you need to protect yourself from what’s outside of your jacket, while managing the temperature and the sweat levels inside of it. The three layer system helps you choose the right clothing while taking into account the weather conditions, but also the sport you’re going to be practising. Whenever we