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Marist Pre-College: Fashion Design

Welcome to the Marist Summer Pre-College Program in Fashion Design. This is a two-week program taught by Marist fashion faculty with years of industry experience. Students engage in studio classes covering the areas of design, illustration, sewing, portfolio development, and CAD technology. Outside the classroom, students will visit New York City– the center of American

Citing Websites using APA Style

Welcome, to the Quinnipiac University Arnold Bernhard Library tutorial on Citing Websites using APA style. This video is part of a series on APA formatted citation for papers in the social sciences. With website citation, you begin with the author of the specific page you are looking to cite. This is often found near the

BSA Fashion Show: Behind the Decades

What’s up Western Denice Pepe here with Western TV and today we’re checking out the BSA Fashion Show. Apparently I’m expecting to see a lot of neon, a lot of bell bottoms and maybe some dance moves. Let’s go check it out. My name is Angie Antonio and I’m events coordinator this year. All right,