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Bombay Times Fashion Week 2020

The Bombay Times Fashion Week is being held in Lower Parel at the St Regis hotel. Come lets have a look! Did you see the Fashion Show? Such beautiful women walked the ramp! Women between the ages of 18 to 75 walked the ramp. There were pilots, CA, Gynecologists, engineers, etc. Shaina NC presented her

24 hours with Robert Pattinson at Fashion Week for Dior | Vogue Paris

Ready? Ready. All right. I fucked up. Ah, I’m not sure. Action. Bonjour. Beautiful. Beautiful coffee. Beautiful view. This is just Paris. Just… Paris.  Today I am meeting with François,  who is, as they say, the nose for Dior and we’re going to be discussing the new Dior Homme fragrance. It’s the best job on the market to come to Paris in Fashion Week. I can