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Fall 2019 Dresses over Trousers

This is all about going there. This season, pair your dresses and skirts back with pants, trousers, jeans, and leggings. It makes your dresses look a little edgier. It makes your pants look a little more feminine. I’ve never seen more dresses and skirts worn over pants than this season on the runway. It’s a

Week in Fashion: Everything Changes Except Keanu Reeves Wearing a Black Suit and Boots – News

Keanu Reeves has long dealt in auras and inarticulable projections of self, and they’ve developed into a series of enduring movie roles, memes, and most recently, high fashion bona fides Johnny Utah became Neo became Sad Keanu became John Wick became a Saint Laurent campaign—something like that From a distance, it looks like a road