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How to Dress Like a GYARU (ギャル)

What’s up guys? Today, we are talking about Gyaru fashion. This is one of the sexiest fashion movements to ever come out of Japan, and it’s one of my personal favorites. Gyaru is a Japanese way of saying the English word gal, which is an English way of saying the English word girl. Gyaru fashion

How To Style Elegant All Ways

Hi everybody, I am here to introduce to you the 2019 elegant collection, Elegant ALL WAYS we have models here in every size range as well as Wearing all of the different pieces and they’re gonna take you through and walk you through how the pieces fit how they look how they feel and I

I Tried Different Types Of Spanx

– [Woman] The ones that you guessed were 18 dollars, were 88 dollars. And the ones that I’m wearing right now, are cheaper than that. Are you surprised by this? – Yes, I’m blown away. (bright music) – So this week we’re going to be trying Spanx as well as the cheaper versions of Spanx