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$11 Steak Vs. $306 Steak

– It’s time for another food adventure, let’s go. What’s up? – Oh my god. – How’s it going? – Yay. – Yeah, you wanna get some food? – What are we eating? – Steak. – Yeah, I would do that. – Should we take Adam? – [Steven] Hey Adam. – All right Andrew. –

$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet

(upbeat music) – Niki! – Hello. – What up my good friend? You wanna come with me on a Worth It lifestyle episode? We’re doing pets. – I love pets! – I see that. Look at you, can you say Worth It? – Worth it. – Pets. – Pets. – Okay, here we go. –

$29 Vs. $180 Family-Style Meats

– What are we doing today? – Season five. – Oh, sorry. – Worth it. – Welcome back. A lot has changed. I moved to New York. There’s Annie. She’s helping produce the show. – Anyway, this is the episode that I put together for your return to Los Angeles. We’re going to be trying