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First Appearance/CJP Open English

[Music] [Music] This is Central Judicial Processing Court. My name is Judge Louis Belasco. You are here because you have been charged with an indictable or a disorderly persons offense. This opening statement is designed to inform you of your rights and the procedure for today. Please listen carefully. If you do not understand what

Lifestyle Medicine – Tommy Archer’s Story

(Louie St. George) – When radiation couldn’t kill Tommy Archer’s prostate cancer, the Duluthian and former racecar driver connected with Essentia Health’s Dr. Jason Buffington who was certified in Lifestyle Medicine – a practice he recently launched at the Essentia Wellness Center. Dr. Buffington’s focus was Archer’s diet. (Archer) – “We both felt that it

Customs Broker (Episode 86)

If you’re importing or exporting goods internationally, you’re going to need the help of this next career. Let’s meet a customs broker. Tippy? Hi! Hi. Brian. Nice to meet you, Brian. Nice to meet you. I’m glad to have you here. Thanks for having me. I’m Tippy Kelly, a customs broker at Davidson & Sons