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The Networker: Your Appearance [Episode 03]

It’s always hard deciding what to wear when networking. Do you go for formalwear, or casualwear? Neither? Wait, I’m not finished. Networking can take place anywhere, and people will judge you within moments, so your appearance is extremely important. Now, whatever you do wear, please, please, please make sure it’s presentable. Here’s some notes. Keep

Healthy Vision Tip: Live a Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to protect your vision, keep an eye on what you put in your mouth. Because living healthy can lower your risk of eye disease. Living healthy means maintaining a healthy weight and eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Keeping chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure under control helps, too.

Posed vs Lifestyle Newborn Photography

– When you start researching newborn photography, one of the first decisions that you’ll probably need to make is which style of newborn photography do you go for, lifestyle newborn photography, or posed newborn photography. In this video, I’m going to explain what the differences are between the two and how you can decide which